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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Last night my roommate and I noticed the cemetery. I know people put flowers out for Memorial Day and that they put out Christmas wreaths for Christmas... but what we didn't realize until last night was that there was lit tea lights in bags all over the cemetery on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful. I tried to get a picture... but my picture didn't do the scene justice.

It wasn't a typical Christmas for me. I have spent the nights at my apartment with my roommate Rachel watching Christmas movies, not a lot of my family is around. I went to church today to my parents ward just me and my parents. My dad made me lunch... it was low key, we don't do a lot of presents, etc... And even though Christmas has changed for me over the years... the Spirit of Christmas is still there. The day is still special. I am thankful for my family and I am thankful for the holiday season that we celebrate Christ. When people are more giving and a little more kind and we take time to spend with our loved ones. No matter what else changes, that will always be the same.

Merry Christmas.

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jamie hixon said...

Awww. I know Christmas changes through the years. I feel like I appreciate the season even more than the actual day, because the season seems to celebrate Christ, while the day is about gifts. I don't know.