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Monday, December 5, 2011

Disneyland's Candlelight

Ever since I was a freshman in High School, the first weekend of December = Candlelight at Disneyland. Last year we didn't make it and I was quite depressed about it. I missed it so much just missing one year. Had I got last year, this would have been my 15th year performing in Candlelight... instead it was my 14th. I guess it doesn't matter anyway since my wish came true of them getting rained out. Anyway.. if you have not been following my blog for a long time and am not sure what Candlelight is, I have explained more about it in past posts like this one and this one.

This year I was especially thankful to be there because I didn't do it last year. I realized how much I missed it, how much I love it. Candlelight and Christmas time at Disneyland really does hold a special place in my heart. I was so glad that my mom wanted to make the drive with me to do it. I think we both got a little teary eyed when singing with the amazing choir and Disneyland Orchestra. It was a great performance. We also had a great narrator this year. Gary Sinise! He is a great guy turns out. I had no idea that we put so much time effort and money into helping out military and their family. He did a fantastic job.

As always it was an amazing experience that I loved every minute of. I am so thankful to Mr Huber (my high school director) for putting this together every year and letting me drop in from Utah. I am lucky to be a part of it. Truly. When I die and go to heaven... I want to find Walt Disney and shake his hand and tell him thank you. Not just for everything Disney... but for his Christmas Card to the community, Candlelight... and for making sure that it would go on forever. It is an awesome experience. *First picture is part of the choir lined up and waiting to get our candles for our first performance*

 Violet is a friend I have had since childhood... she has done Candlelight for many years as well. It is always fun to see her there and know that someone else I was in choir with loves it as much as I do to keep going back.

 One day... I would like to see it live, from the audience. Until then, I'm thankful for people who have video taped it and put it on youtube. Like this one.

After both shows are over, we are allowed back in the park to play. My mom's sister Valerie came and watched the show and then met up with us after. We watched the Christmas firework show... which I really love.

We went on Star Tours which they changed... it has a new video and it is in 3D. We also went on my favorite (Haunted Mansion/ Nightmare Before Christmas) which we saw Violet and her brother and sister in law and so I rode with Violet on that one and one of the guys running the ride completely scared the crap out of me... randomly peeking his head in our cart after we had already started on the ride... which means he followed our cart up the ramp a bit. CREEPY!! ha ha. Then we also went on Small world, which they switch up for Christmas. With all of the lights... it is hard not to be lead straight there. Ha ha.. it was a good time.

Then it was time to go home. What a great day. What a way to start off the Christmas Season. I love it. I heart Candlelight. Until next year.... I hope.


Lori said...

So glad you got to go again this year Tracy... maybe one year I will get to do it with you too :)

jamie hixon said...

JEALOUS!! I miss performing in Candlelight. You have done it more than me for sure.
What did Aunt Valerie think?
One year in High School I came straight from a drumline competition and got to the practice too late to perform with the group. So me and Stacy Lidon got to hang out in the park and sit with Mr. Huber and watch the show. It was the best! (She was crying because she really wanted to do it, but I was happy because I had other chances to perform and the show was SO awesome.)

PS did you know they don't sing in French in "It's a Small World?" What's up with that?

Ashley said...

seriously jealous of this post haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE disneyland at christmas time! Disneyland is so magical as it is but you mix in the christmas season and i just love it so much!! I'm glad you posted pictures because i love all the lights they put up!! You are seriously lucky to get to participate in this. ok side note...they changed star tours?! what the? last time i was there it was closed but i wasn't sure why...is it better?? I'm just really sad they changed it...it was a classic.

Lynette Mills said...

Got the tickets today Tracy.. and there is a letter from Mr Huber about the future rules for participating. You'll have to read it and tell me what you think.