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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa Barbara Christmas Parade

Right now I am home in Santa Barbara. I LOVE being in Santa Barbara. I'm just so happy when I am here. Its nice to see familiar places and familiar faces. It is nice to spend time with my sister Lori and my adorable nephews. I just love being here.

Last night we went to the Santa Barbara Parade. The do the parade on State Street. Out of all of the years that I lived here... I don't remember ever going. It was a cute parade and it and was to go. We sat right across from the announcers who were pretty funny... so that made it more entertaining.

Here are some pictures from the parade.

Took this one for my dad. (Scott driving the DP helmet car. He has been there forever!)

Took this one for Jamie (Young Singers Club... there are TONS of them now)

Took this one for Billy & Lori (the forest service, where Billy works)

It was also not only fun for me to go with my mom and sister and her family... but it was also fun to sit next to the Pearce family. I was friends with Brian Pearce when I was in High School. I had his for Physics as a new teacher at Dos Pueblos High School when I was a sophomore, and then when I was a senior, I was his Teachers Assistant for his Chemistry class. I was more like his personal secretary though. We were good friends though... so it was fun to catch up with him a little. I was also lucky enough to be right across the street from my high school friends Phil and Catherine VanNostran!! I was SOOO excited when I glanced across the street and saw them. I ran over to give them a hug and of course get a picture. Love them!

And Here I am with my mom and sister Lori. It was a fun night in nice weather. It was fun to cheer for my old schools and to get into the Christmas spirit. I also really enjoyed watching my nephews watch the parade. They thought it was pretty neat so it was fun to watch.


A Little Cuppa Tea said...

What a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Darling parade and cute pictures of your family! Cant wait to see you tomorrow!

Caytlin said...

FUN!!! I totally forgot about the helmet car. I was so excited to show your picture of it to Chris, but he thought it was dumb. BOO. He's just jealous his high school doesn't have one. HAHA. Glad you had a good time!

jamie hixon said...

How fun. It is strange to see all those young singers in the outfits that I used to wear... and I don't recognize a single one of them! Yikes! I've been away too long.
I've never watched that parade either... I've only walked in it.

Lori said...

Glad you came to visit and got to see the parade too! Thanks for taking pictures :) Love you.