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Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Birthday Party

As my birthday was approaching, my friend and roommate Rachel asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I wasn't really sure. Last year Rachel threw me the most classy Christmas birthday that one could ask for. It was a big party that everyone could just show up when they wanted and come and go as they please and just socialize. It kind of stressed  me out to be quite honest. Don't get me wrong... people showed up and the party turned out great. I just decided that I didn't want that this year. I just wanted to hang out with my friends that I am closest to and I wanted to decorate gingerbread houses. I like to do all the festive things during the holidays. Rachel took that idea and she ran with it. She still threw me a cute party (totally different from last year) and it was small with just a small group of friends where almost everyone came and we could spend quality time talking and creating together. My kind of party. :) You can find more pictures on Rachel's blog here.

It was the cutest Christmas birthday party ever. I of course helped as much as I could. Rachel made the cutest sign full of glitter. I provided all of the jars (happened to just have some in storage). I helped decorate the drink jars (we had chocolate milk, Egg Nog and Milk)...  I also decorated the cupcakes... which idea I found on Pintrest. Everything else was Rachel. She put in a lot of work to throw me a cute birthday party and I really appreciated it. It was a lot of fun. Everyone that came had a great time.

Remember how I said I wanted us to decorate Gingerbread houses? Rachel had a cute idea to take it to another level. We got into 4 groups, all started out with the same Gingerbread House kit. Each group then drew fairytale themes from a jar and then decorated their Gingerbread house according to that theme. It was so fun and everyone got into it which made it more fun. Here are the different groups and themes for the Gingerbread Houses.

There is Jason... who didn't want to be in a group so he volunteered to be a judge (kind of a crappy one at that) and he made a black snowman?

Group #1- Little Red Riding Hood - Made by Tara, Jessie and Steve

Group #2- The Little Mermaid - Made by Rachel and Tina

Group #3- Cinderella - Made by Darrell and Sara

Group #4- Jack and the Beanstalk - Made by Vicki, James and Me

Oh and I can't forget about the cake Rachel made me. Not only was it delicious.. but it was SOO cute!

And here are my dear friends that came to my party. Thanks for coming guys! It meant a lot to me for you to celebrate my birthday with me. It was a fun night.


Tara said...

This is so cute! Love the pics! I stole a few for FB :) LOVE YOU Merry Christmas!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

So glad it was such a fun night!! Rachel is so talented. I love seeing all the fun ideas you both come up with. She did my best friend from high school, Lori Anderson's, little girls birthday party. What a small world :) Love ya and so glad you're having such a great time with all your friends.

Lynette Mills said...

You are so lucky to have Rachel as a roommate! I have to ask though... was the night awkward at all :) hee hee

T-Ray said...

I know, I am lucky. Ha ha.. and no mom, it wasn't awkward at all. I think they have been around each other enough that it is past that now.

jamie hixon said...

James looks kind of oompa loompa colored in that last picture. Ha! And you look gorgeous in every picture. What a fun party! I like yours best.

Kayleigh said...

OMG! Everything looks so cute! I love the spread :)

PS - are your boots from target? I keep seeing them in pics and I can't tell. They look similar to boots I have (and I have a love/hate relationship with them)

Lori said...

Looks like another awesome birthday party :) Glad you got a good one. There is a huge spread of food for how many people were there! Did people take goodies home? I want to be invited to your parties :)

Kel said...

happy late b-day Trace! hope 29 is fabulous.