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Saturday, December 31, 2011

L-O-V-E that spells Family

My week off was spent with these cute kiddo's. *Notice the ipad is obviously a hot commodity with them*

And of course I got to spend some time with Jamie who was in town and my Grandma who now lives here!! Thursday my Grandma treated Jamie and I to Zupa's and a pedicure! I really wish I would have gotten a picture of the three of us getting our pedicure :( but here is a picture of me and Jamie's toes after.

Spending time with my sisters! It was a nice week.


jamie hixon said...

Awww. I may steal that picture of the three of us. Funny that my kids are like passed out or in jammies. And lastly, you can see the squiggle of a tattoo that is still on my foot in the pedi picture. Shoulda used my other foot. ;-)

Lynette Mills said...

I noticed that too... nice paint job though.