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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bowling Miracle

Last week I met one of Dave's best friends, Beth for the first time. She is great. She normally lives in New York, but is here for a few months. Her fiance flew out for Thanksgiving. I mentioned on my day of the feast post that after Thanksgiving at my house we spent time with Beth and her fiance. Well.. on Friday night, the four of us went out to dinner at Wing Nutz (Dave's favorite) and then after we decided to go bowling. 

I had not been bowling since I went with my ward back in February. If you remember... I couldn't break 100 points in all 3 games that I played. I wish I could say I was just having a bad night... but that is pretty typical for me. I'm not a good bowler. I don't think I have ever broke 100 before. 

We went to Miracle Bowl... and it was a bowling miracle for me. I beat everyone the first round. My score was 99. SO CLOSE!!! *Dave put in our bowling names*  Our second game, Betherton aka Beth came in first place. She even got a turkey (3 strikes in a row), T-Town aka me, Tracy, came in second place at 113 ( I finally broke 100 points), Walter Sochak aka Dave came in third and Muy Sexy aka Kerlyn came in last (it was his 3rd time bowling).

If I were going to give an award for most entertaining to watch bowl, award would go to Kerlyn, hands down. He would start so far back and he would hunch over and would throw the ball and end up on the ground as he watched it go down the lane. He also would dance and shake his hips before he would throw. It was great. Dave did a little too... which was equally as entertaining. 

It was fun. I usually don't think to go bowling... but I'm glad we did. It was a lot of fun to hang out with Beth and Kerlyn too. Both the nicest people and so fun and easy to be around.  I made sure we got a couple of group shots at the end... although I look like I weigh a hundred times more than I do because of my big shirt... and next to Beth and Kerlyn, anyone will look fat. And Dave.... he was in a goofy mood, don't mind him. ha ha.


jamie hixon said...

Fun! The last time I went bowling I totally sucked it up. You would beat me for sure. But I do think the ball has a lot to do with it. Honestly.

Lori said...

Ah bowling, always a fun time, especially with good company. Way to break 100! Sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas :)