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Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Snow

So our first snow of the season came earlier than I would have wanted it... and it came in full force. We had more snow in the last day than we had all last Winter. But seriously... CRAZY.

So what did this California girl that doesn't like the Winter do?

Well, at work... when it was really coming down, I got some hot chocolate from the hot chocolate machine and sat in a chair next to the big windows on our floor (break room) and watched the snow fall.

Then Dave and I went out to dinner... I told him I wanted something warm, so we went to Texas Roadhouse and had meat... and warm rolls. Good stuff.

This morning I looked out the Window and saw this. How's that for the first snow?

So what did my roommates and I do? We went out into the cold (I was still in my PJ's just threw on some Uggs and a snow jacket) and we each grabbed our car scraper and went from car to car in our parking lot and scraped all the snow off the cars that were not covered. With the amount of snow that came down... it was quite the work out. When we finished all the cars in our parking lot... we went to the street by our house and got all of those cars and even some cars of people we knew on another street. We scraped cars for a half hour or 45 minutes. Now that is true service from a girl that doesn't like the cold and scraping snow off her own car is one of the top 5 things she hates most about Winter.

But you know what? Doing it all together was fun. And it felt good to do service AND I know for a fact that if someone did that for me, it would make my day. Also, I got on facebook later that day and the EQP/ my neighbor got on our ward facebook page and thanked whoever scraped the cars. :) So that was nice. :)

Anywho... first snow day of many to come. People were excited about it and building snowmen (this one was made and put in my BFF's rocking chair) and sledding at the park. By February... people will not be as happy. :) 70 degrees one day, this snow the next. Peace out Fall! It was nice knowing you.


Lynette Mills said...

The first snow is sort of magical. Good for you for turning it into service. It was nice to finally meet Dave ... LIKE HIM!

jamie hixon said...

That is seriously INSANE!! But good for you for the service. What a wonderful thing to do.

Lori said...

Ahh snow. You are a trooper. Way to get out there and make peoples day! I had to scrape frost off my windshield before Church on Sunday and today was 79 :) Crazy California. I'll take it though