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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 144

So I wore this outfit on Saturday. I had two different guys tell me they liked my outfit a lot... that I looked cute. However, that comment was followed with... it's really matchy. Mmmm... is that a good thing. You don't want to be matchy to the point where it is a cheesy outfit or something you would find on display at a department store... I wasn't sure how I should take. I wasn't trying to be really matchy matchy... but I guess I was if two guys pointed it out.

I tried taking away my word verification on my blog.... because I know it can be annoying (or at least that is how I feel when commenting other blogs at times. Well... I only changed it for like a day and I realized why you should have it. I started getting a bunch of spam comments. It was really annoying, so I changed it back. Lesson learned.

I got a text from this girl in my ward saying that she had been busy but was still putting together music for the stake Christmas fireside and asked me if I would still be wiling to sing. I read the text wondering if I was crazy because I don't remember having a conversation about this at all. In fact I couldn't remember the last time I talked to this girl and I know for a fact that I didn't know we were doing a stake Christmas fireside nor did I know when it was. Anyway...  I didn't tell her that we didn't have a conversation and told her I would sing. I had no idea what song or if I was going to be singing with other people... I figured I would find out when she came over to drop off the music. Well... our schedules have conflicted and I still have not seen the music... but I was telling my roommates this story and Megan said... oh yeah, you are on the program. Then Liz came over and said, ya... I'm playing the piano and she is playing the organ and you are singing. Solo? Yes. The First Noel? Okay. Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up since everyone else seemed to know this except for me.

Tuesday I was supposed to have lunch with a friend that I made while doing the flash mob. Which I am still planning on doing a blog post about... but I have been waiting for the finished video (which is supposed to be done any day now). Anyway... she couldn't make lunch on Tuesday and I didn't bring a lunch, so I was wondering what I was going to do. Dave started chatting with me at work via gchat and  I mentioned to him what happened and he said lets do lunch... problem solved. Just like that I was meeting Dave for sushi (which we both love) in orem. I then found out that was the first time he had ever left work for lunch at this job.... ever! Weird concept for me. I meet people for lunch all of the time. Anyway... I felt honored that I was his first lunch get away. It saved me too since my plans fell through and it was a great alternative because I always love seeing Dave. Hopefully it will happen again sometime.

Later that night, we went back to karaoke for the first time in over a month. I was excited to go back. When we got there, they seated us far away from the karaoke. We had a smaller group (which is not that big of a deal) but you could tell the crowd there that night was not there for karaoke. The energy was low. It was from us too... sadly. Megan wasn't feeling good, Josh was tired, I discovered my old roommates there... which they of course pretended like I don't exist (but it made my excitement go down) PLUS Mr. Karaoke and I got up to sing and he didn't know his part and we butchered the song PLUS their screen was messed up and my microphone was dying. The whole thing was just a disaster. Out of everyone, I think Dave was in the best mood. Oh well... maybe next time will be better?

Dave teases me a lot for having such a cushy job. We gchat everyday. One day he says he wants hot chocolate from 7-11 and I say, yeah... that's a great idea except that we have a hot chocolate machine in our break room. He says... of course you do. I'm sure they bring it to you with marshmallows. ha ha. They don't, but seriously... I do have a great job. On Friday we went and saw "Skyfall" the new James Bond movie (which was AWESOME) and today... we all ( my whole department and all of legal and some other people on our floor) left work at 11:30 and went to the manager of the Legal teams cabin up Provo canyon. We had a pot luck at the cabin and it was a BEAUTIFUL day with some pretty warm weather and we hiked around. It was a good time. Then I went back to work around 3 (I was the only one, everyone else went home) checked to see if anything had come in and then left... and I went and hung out with my mom for a few hours. It was a good day.

Yesterday I went to help Desiree with decorating her babies room. (The babies are 6 weeks now) Well.... I more had sent her pictures that she should use when she showed me the fabric she had picked out and now I was just looking at the room and what she had and telling her what she should do. I think I probably helped with the babies more than I did her room... but I think she will know what to do with her room now. I think it will turn out really cute. Meanwhile... I got my baby fix (which she told me I know where to go if I ever need a baby fix). I did lots of holding and helped bottle feed and burp and sing to them... at one point I even got to hold both at the same time. I just give major props to mom's of twins. That is a lot of work. Even holding them both... you have to go back and forth looking at both of them. ha ha. It was fun. They are such sweet and beautiful baby girls.


Lynette Mills said...

Thanks for coming over, it was nice to talk. Sad you had to put the word verification back on, but I understand

jamie hixon said...

Matchy matchy is ok sometimes. Especially if it gets compliments from men.

Congrats on your involuntary involvement in a Christmas program. That happens to me all the time.

I can't wait to see the flash mob. (!!!)

Bummer that karaoke didn't end up being epic. I still need to go to karaoke.

I want to have twins. People think I'm crazy, but I just can't help it.