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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Milk Challenge

I drink skim milk. I usually buy a half gallon once a week and a lot of the time I can't get through it before it goes bad. I obviously don't drink a lot of milk. Occasional cereal. When I make breakfast at home I like to have it. Eating a rich dessert I like to have some. I decided a long time ago that I couldn't taste a big difference between low fat and skim... so I just started drinking skim to be a little healthier. As it turns out... my roommates also drink skim milk.

One night Dave was over and we were having dessert and he wanted some milk. When he looked in the fridge, he was appalled to see only skim milk and went off on how gross it was. Megan then made the comment that she couldn't taste the difference between milks so she started drinking skim. Dave thought there was no way you couldn't tell the difference. He loves to be right, so he wanted to prove it.

So to prove that he was right, Dave wanted to have a milk challenge... but not the kind where you throw up from seeing if you can drink a gallon of milk in an hour. This would be a blind taste test of milks. As he put it "a straight up test... cereal/ no cereal, skim, 1%, 2%, whole. An all around comprehensive test.... basically to prove Megan wrong" He is serious about being right.

Last night the Milk Challenge finally happened. Dave went to the store and bought all the different kinds of milk (except for skim because he knew I would have that) and cereal and came over and brought his roommate Mr. Karaoke, who also participated in the test.

They left the room while I poured the different milks in glasses and switched the order of the glasses. I had them come back in. First part of the test was seeing if they could tell the difference between the milk by just looking at it. (Dave almost got it right just by looking at it, he just switched 1% and 2%)

Then it was time for the taste test. Dave was able to guess each one correctly in like 15 seconds. Mr. Karaoke had to taste them all several times and talk it out... but he also passed the test and guessed them all correctly.

Dave also had to prove the point that he could taste the difference even in cereal. Cereal of choice? Fruity Pebbles, one of my childhood favorites.

Okay... point proven. Unfortunately Megan wasn't there... so I had to report the results to her. Lesson learned from this challenge? Just tell Dave you believe him when he says he is right about something. :)

Would you pass the test?


jamie hixon said...

I think I would pass the test. You can totally tell the difference in looks alone AT LEAST on the full fat and skim milk. But I think drinking the different kinds is a matter of preference. We started drinking full fat vitamin D milk when we had kids, because that is what they are supposed to drink. It is healthy for children, and I don't want to buy tons of different milks, so there you go. Of course, usually I only have milk on cereal. Even then, a lot of times I switch it out for rice milk, almond milk, or even chocolate almond milk. That is tasty stuff, and my kids don't even know it is not "real" milk.

Lori said...

I'm not sure if I would be able to tell just because I haven't drank milk in like 10 years or more. But I could tell you the difference between rice, soy, almond and now coconut milk :) (coconut milk is GOOD)But that is very impressive of Dave!

Lori said...

PS- I was very glad that I didn't see pictures of people throwing up milk on this post ;)
I have witnessed the gallon challenge one to many times in my life.

Kristy said...

Ok. Here is my experience with milk. Going from whole to 2 % is a big difference. Even though it says 2 % it still has half of the fat in it. Still going from whole fat to half fat is a big difference. From 2% to 1% is not as big of a difference. It is more subtle. Then going down to skim wasn't a huge difference to me either. I could always tell a small amount of change at first, especially with skim when it definitely feel more watery in your mouth but it is not huge.

Ok. That said, I think once you are used to less fat, you can totally taste the difference when you drink it again. For me, after drinking skim for so many years even tasting 1% is a huge difference. 2% is just gross to me now. I think it is interesting how in this case it's easier to loose the fat than to gain it.