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Monday, November 12, 2012

Honesty Award

Almost every Sunday I go to my parents house for the afternoon and for dinner. My Grandma is always there since she moved here almost a year ago, my sister Kristy and her family are always there and my brother Chad and his family are now usually there. Every week... my nieces and nephew are playing when I get there and coming up with creative games, shows and ideas. They love to perform for us. They also are creative with the games they come up with... like this. (each key on the piano was a space on the game board)

Well, when I came this Sunday... the kids had decided to do an awards ceremony. I'm not sure where they got the idea, but they made awards for 3 people and had a speech of reasons why they were receiving the award and so on and so forth. I guess they decided to do this right when I said I was leaving to go pick up Dave...

This was Dave's first time meeting my family and coming to Sunday dinner. As we came in the house, I introduced him to everyone and we sat down on the coach and the awards ceremony began.

First award went to Grant. He missed his Que to come in so we had to clap and cheer again once he made his way down the stairs. Reanne was irritated because they had practiced his entrance. I forgot what Grant's reasons for the award was. Probably playing well with others and being nice. I don't remember.

Second award went to Grandma Great.  Everyone clapped as she came to the front to get her award. Grandma Great was receiving her award for playing well with the kids and her ability to wash dirty rags. They also said she was known for her bravery. Very cute.

Third award went to... Tracy's friend aka Dave! Since Dave had just arrived at the house and met everyone for the first time, his face lit up with surprise. They told us that he was known for his honesty and was receiving his award for being nice and caring to others. Dave got up to receive his award and on the spot gave a speech on how he had been waiting his whole life to be recognized for his honesty.

I was laughing so hard. So unexpected. It was so cute. I just love my nieces and nephews and their creativity and thoughtfulness. I would have never thought they would pick Dave having never met him before... but little do they know, I think that just made him feel more welcomed and comfortable there. On the way home, he asked me if I knew they were going to pick him. I told him I had no idea... none of us did. He told me he thought they were going to pick me. He told me he couldn't wait for next month to see who the awards would go to (since they mentioned they are going to do this every month, though I doubt they will remember). Dave took his award home to keep. :)


Lynette Mills said...

It was pretty funny! Those kids are a crack up!

MoNiCa! said...

That's SO CUTE and funny! I was laughing out loud while reading. I love kids!

jamie hixon said...

That is hilarious, and so cute! Those kids are so creative.