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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Remember when I did this post about how me Brad, Nate and Steve have all stayed super close and that Brad and Nate are married and have a baby now and that I finally got to meet Max?

WELL... I'm finally out in Boston visiting Steve and Brad which means I FINALLY got to meet Brad and Lauren's daughter Sophie. Don't worry, she is a year old now. No big deal. At least I finally got to meet her and hold her. She is a happy girl. Cute too... I thought she was cute in the pictures, but meeting her in person... she is cuter. :)

It's been so fun to hang out with my best buds. Sophie also came with us to explore the city. Our gang is growing. What started out as the 4 of us is now 8 of us (with spouses and kids). Now Steve and I need to find spouses and have a kid.


Lori said...

Cool. Glad you finally got to meet Sophie and see your buddies :)

Kel said...

what a cutie!

glad you had a safe trip. you picked the best time of year to visit boston.

jamie hixon said...

Fun. I'm glad you didn't get eaten by a hurricane.