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Friday, January 9, 2015

Black & White Mocktail Party

My old roommate who is still in my ward had a birthday party tonight. My roommates and I all committed to going, but we were all not excited about it. Why? Because we were feeling lazy and this was a dress-up party. I don't know why you have a fancy dress up party at your house... but so it is. We all talked about how much we didn't want to dress up for this party all night.

I finally got my make up out and offered to to my roommates make up. They both agreed... so I did both of theirs and then did my own. First step. Now we were committed. So we found black and white fancy clothes and we headed over to the party. We chatted with a few friends and got ourselves a mocktail and then went back home and changed into our PJ's.

Although we all dreaded it, I rarely get an excuse to dress up. I also enjoyed doing my roommates make up... and don't we all look nice? (Besides the fact that Daniel can't take serious pictures). Daniel served the mocktails at the party. Anywho.... that is what we did tonight.

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jamie hixon said...

I rarely get to dress up, I think it is fun to have a reason to. How fun!