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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 253

I'm trying to remember what I even did this last week. Well... one thing is that I have been very good and dedicated to diet and exercise. Go me! I feel a ton better too. I must have lost like 5 pounds already because I can already feel it. Hopefully I can keep it going. Right now so far it isn't too hard not too cheat. But I got myself pretty sugared out. We shall see. I'm thinking I need to keep this up at least until March to hit my goal weight. Did I tell you that I got a jawbone to track my exercise and sleeping? That is what I got with my Christmas money. I'm hoping it will be pretty motivating.

I felt like my last weekend was pretty productive which always feels good. I took another pile of stuff to DI and put away Christmas and cleaned the house because all of my roommates were gone and I had the house to myself. That is always my favorite time to clean because I know it will stay clean until everyone comes home.

I'm still on Tinder. Not sure why when I am seeing a lot of guys like this on there...

I also went to the fish store and got myself some new exciting coral. 3 different kinds. They are just little fragments... so it will take them a long time to grow and spread, but one day the entire back of my tank will be this cool glowing grass and I now have some orange and pink coral to add to my tank. I can't wait until it grows. It's very exciting. I need to take pictures so I can see the progress.

I'm back to watching documentaries. I have watched some weird ones and some interesting ones. I watched one about not texting and driving... not that I do that a lot, but it is always a good reminder. Then I watched some weird online ones. Talhotblonde was pretty weird. And The Woman who wasn't there who lied about surviving the 911 attack. Crazy Love was pretty bizarre. I watched all of the episodes of Urban Legends which was pretty interesting. I had heard of a few of them, but most of them I had never heard of. I also watched How to Die in Oregon which made me cry in my office. Oh and Mortified which is about people reading parts of their old diaries when they were teens to the public for entertainment... which was funny... and made me want to read back on my old journals.

Work has been pretty slow. Typically is right after quarter end. So I'm sure we will go see a movie tomorrow.

On Sunday I saw my old neighbor that moved, Geoff. I guess he had come to get his mail. I got so excited to see him and told him he needed to come over and chat before he drove home. We had fun catching up and playing with magnetic balls. I sure do miss having him as my neighbor.

I got a new roommate. I posted the room on Craig's List and thought it would take me a while to find someone because it was already into the month.... but I got 12 reply's that day, Megan came to look at it and she seemed normal... a little shy, but normal, so I gave it to her. Welcome Megan. I'm glad I only had to wait a day before finding someone. I have had pretty good luck with my postings online!

Wednesday I went out to dinner with my old roommie Sarah. She just lives across the street... so it's dumb we don't see each other very often, but we have decided we need to do dinner once a month and catch up. She is great. I went with her to Institute after... my old Institute. One of the FIRST people I see when I walk in the door is Mr. Emotional Basket Case. I can't get away from that guy. He followed me around the entire time trying to act like he wasn't following me around. Ugh. Anyway, it was a good lesson and it was fun to see some people I hadn't seen in a while and meet a couple new people. I wish it were a better source of meeting people... but there are just too many people there that people just talk to the people they already know. Oh well.

Other than that, I have just been chilling. Nothing super exciting. Happy the weather hasn't been freezing. It's pretty pleasant during the day. I don't hate it and wouldn't mind it the entire Winter stayed like this. I could handle that. Oh and my nieces are cute. I like watching cousins play together. They thought it would be fun to put stickers on their faces.


Logan said...

Please tell me you swiped right for Gray...please.

jamie hixon said...

This post is full of interesting pictures. Ha!