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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 256

So... my MacBook Pro is still not working right. I'm not sure what to do. Do you take MacBooks in to the Apple store for them to fix it? Maybe my brother will know something? I just don't know and I'm getting frustrated. I was so close to finished my Italy and Greece video and now I can't finish it until it gets fixed. I can get on the internet... but that is about it.

Let me tell you something else that is frustrating. Just when I didn't think I would have to worry about cars or dealerships again.... something went wrong with my loan when the dealership was processing it. They told me my loan was through Wells Fargo. Last time I went in to Wells Fargo for something else they told me I had an Autoloan showing up under my account but paperwork still must need to be done because it hadn't gone all the way through yet. Then I was waiting and waiting to get some sort of statement in the mail to make my first payment and I never did. Then I got something in the mail from Capitol one about my car. My loan isn't through them, so I ignored it. Then I got a call from Capitol One... someone with  broken English asking me the soonest I can make a payment. I told them I hadn't received anything in the mail to know where to make the payment to. I also told them my loan was through Wells Fargo. They asked me if I had the Mazda CX-5 I said yes. They asked me if I was refinancing, I said no. They said thanks for answering the questions and hung up. Still have not received anything in the mail. I called the dealership about the problem and that I was concerned. I talked to the secretary and she said someone would call me back. Nobody did. I called again, this time the guy that I bought the car from and left him a message. He called me back that day and said I was under Capitol one, I told him that is not was I was told or agreed to and then asked Why Wells Fargo had a autoloan waiting for me? He said he would talk to finance to see what happened and call me back. he never called back. I have called again twice today and have left a message and have yet to get a call back. I am starting to get VERY frustrated and mad at Young Chevorlet! I mean come on! Shouldn't they be more concerned that I haven't made any payments on my car for two months? What I am most afraid of is this mix up reflecting bad on me and messing up my good credit. Again... I haven't even received anything in the mail and have really been trying to be proactive about getting this figured out and taken care of and NOBODY WILL CALL ME BACK! I don't know what else to do, but the longer this goes on, the more I am starting to worry. There had to be a mix up somewhere... I would just pop in to the dealership if they weren't an hour away... although maybe it will result in that. I hope not.

Still no snow in site. It's very weird since it is January and has stayed 40-50 degrees almost the entire month. Again... I'm not complaining, but hopefully we got enough snow in the mountains because I know we need it.

I finished Dollhouse. I liked it. Now I am watching Parenthood. I started it the other day and I am almost done with the 2nd season. I really like it. My roommates watched it a while back and I only saw an episode with them and have been meaning to watch it since. I'm really enjoying it... but I hear it gets sad. Who knows... maybe it will have me crying in my office at work.

I have been better about exercise this week. That feels good. I have also been pretty good about sticking to the diet... up until today. I cheated a little. It is becoming more and more tempting, but I'm trying really hard to stay strong. Hopefully I will see bigger results soon. Especially with more exercise.

I went to another marriage fireside done by my Stake Presidency. It was good. Each of the members talked and so did their wives and they talked about the things in marriage that are hard, but worth it. Between each one they had question and answer time... where any of us could ask any question and they would answer. I was pretty disappointed in most of the questions people asked... probably because it is young stake and most people are not really too experienced with relationships... but overall it was great.

My friend Alli that does my eyelashes broke her hand... so she couldn't do my lashes. I called on my friend Natalie that I haven't seen in over 2 years... that I used to go to when Alli first moved to Salt Lake before we started trading. It was so fun to catch up with her. She is so great. I love having a lot of different friends, even if I don't get to see them very often.

Liz came over on Tuesday and helped me with my taxes. For the past 3 January Fort Weeks... she comes and hangs out in the fort and helps me do my taxes. It's awesome. I love hanging out in the fort, I love hanging out with Liz and I love getting my taxes done before the end of January. Don't want to have to worry about that anymore and I will get my refund back faster... and I will get a pretty good refund this year. $1600. Did I mention that I almost have $40,000 in my 401k now too? I just get a statement once a year and I don't really look at it the rest of the year, so it is always fun to see grow at the end of the year.

I also went on a couple of dates this week. One was a lunch date... which was ok... but I wasn't interested in him. However, I ran into my good friend Kellie Hawkins while I was there... so that was exciting since I hadn't seen her in YEARS! And now we are going to get together soon. Love that. The guy was nice, just not my type. He has already text me to go out again, and I already know I don't want to go out again. Instead of just not texting him back like so many do... I decided to be an adult and mature about it.... like I wish more people would do. It's not easy, but I feel it is the best way. Here is what I said to him. "Hi, It was a fun lunch. Thanks again for taking me out. It was fun getting to know you. You're a really nice guy, but I'm not sure we have enough in common for me to be interest in going out again. I wish you the best, you deserve it. :)" Sure it isn't easy to write someone and reject them, but I know if it were me, I would want to hear they are not interested in a nice way than nothing at all. That is such a cop out and I hate when guys do that to me. I appreciate someone that can communicate their feelings. You know what he said back? He said it was fun and best of luck to me as well and that I deserve it as well and that I was cute and fun. He also thanked me for being direct in my response, thanked me again and sent me a second hug. See how pleasant and mature that was? That is how it should be people. My second date... he was young and the date was ok... I will probably give him a second date and see how that one goes since he is being so persistent.

My friend Ellis invited Daniel and I to his ward TED Talks tonight because he was going to be talking about traveling and we were in his presentation because of our Southeast Asia trip. So Daniel and I went to support him. He did an awesome job. Ellis is awesome and I'm glad we took that trip and built some amazing friendships. I also thought it was a cool idea for a ward activity... so I might bring that up with Ian and see what he thinks about it.

Other than that... The fort is still up, and I have had some people over to hang out in it. A lot of new timers. I can see why the Bishopric put Ian and I together in our calling. Ian showed up to the fort in his PJ's and a leopard print pillow and a teddy bear. That is something I would do. I love it. We get along well. No matter who it is, everyone loves being in the fort. :) Nothing brings people together like Fort Week.

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jamie hixon said...

Doing TED talks in a ward is a BRILLIANT idea. Why haven't I heard of this before?

I loved your "mature adult" way of handling not going on a second date with someone. You are the best.