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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 254

This week flew by. Probably because I was so busy. It was a great week that I got together with friends that I hadn't seen or spent time with for a while. First I hung out with Nicole while she did my hair. I LOVE my new hair. Oddly nobody has even noticed that my hair is darker and has red instead of blonde highlights in it. She didn't like the red the first time around so it took 4 hours to do my hair. I didn't mind... just longer I got to hang out with Nicole. The next day I drove up to Salt Lake to hang out with Desiree which we hadn't gotten together in months. She helped me pick out some fun new lipstick! I already blogged about all of this. Wednesday I hung out with Lorelie! We had not seen each other or spoken in almost a year and I don't know how long it has been since we have actually hung out. So it was great to go out to dinner and catch up on life and then we did a little craft after.... I will still blog about that... I think I just want to fix mine before I do. So yeah, lots of good friends. Tonight I went make up shopping with my roommate MacKenzie. I guess my getting new lipstick inspired her to want to get some too.

Last weekend I saw a couple new movies. First we went for work. Our quarter end tradition. We saw "The Imitation Game" which we all really liked a lot. We rented a Red Box that night with the roommates "What If" with Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter. It was weird to see him play in something else besides Harry Potter. The movie was a little odd... but it was cute. Saturday night my roommates and I went to go see "Unbroken" which was super depressing, but it was good... I just don't think I could watch it again because it was too sad. Those true stories... they get you every time.

I went snowshoeing which I already blogged about. It was nice to get out. I always struggle to get out during Winter because it is so much easier to stay in and not be cold. However... so far the weather this Winter has been pretty amazing. It has hardly even snowed! The weather has consistently stayed in the 30's and 40's which is amazing. I would much rather have that than it be in the teens... which is usually the case. Anyway, I still hope to get out lots this Winter and hike. I get too stir crazy and sometimes depressed if I stay inside all of the time.

Remember how I told you I got new coral last week. One of the coral I got is dying... or being eaten by worms... which I didn't know I had in my tank. I'm a little worried. I will have to go to the fish store this weekend and ask them about it. I don't my coral to dye and I don't like the idea of having worms in my tank... especially since I don't know how they go there. Just when I thought things were going so well. No... they are. My new grass I bought is growing and spreading quite nicely so far. I thought I had killed it all, but I was happy about that. I hope it grows fast and spreads to the entire back of my tank, that would look so rad.

I still haven't committed to a show on Netflix yet. I have a few in my list to watch, but for some reason I haven't wanted to start one. I did find "Ring of Fire" which only ended up having two episodes... so it was like a long movie. It was pretty good. It has Michael Vartan in it as the main guy and I like him a lot. I have watched more documentaries and some strange movies I have found on Netflix. I have found some good ones too. Like... "Listen to Your Heart" it was a little cheesy, but in a sweet way. I actually was crying in my office watching it. I know... how embarrassing. ha ha. It was a slow work day.

I have been sticking to the diet but wasn't great with exercise this week. I have just been so tired. I don't know why. I also am not feeling like I lost weight like I was last week... which is frustrating when you are sticking to plan. I'm still sticking to it, but I am hoping to feel better SOON!!! It's starting to get a little more tempting to cheat... I just have to stay away from the snack at work and not even look at what they have and not go in the conference room when they get treats. Too tempting.

Last Sunday was so busy. I kind of hate it when my Sunday is that busy. It's supposed to be a day of rest right? Ha ha.. it was "Munch and Mingle" after church that day and Ian and I had decided to make chili. So we had to get together at my place at 8:30 that morning to chop chicken and onions and cilantro and put everything together in 3 crock pots. We thought it would only take us a half hour but it took us an hour and a half. Which didn't leave me a ton of time to get ready for church before Ian came back over and we had to go to Ward Counsel. At ward counsel the Bishop brought up maybe doing Break the Fast and Munch and Mingle or instead of Munch and Mingle... which Ian was all for it and I am completely against it... so after ward counsel Ian and I were arguing it out. It got a little intense to the point where the Bishop got involved and said he didn't care either way and then President Sandburg (who I adore) even got involved and he pretty much sided with me. Anyway... I think I won the fight (and yes Ian and I still are good friends and are getting along fine) but we got so into it that we missed the 1st 15 minutes of church. Not sure how that happened. After church we of course had to put on Much and Mingle which requires me to leave Relief Society early to start setting up and serving and then I served and until it was gone and everyone got some and then I had to clean up and take everything home and Ian home and then I was a half hour late to family dinner....which  had to leave dinner earlier than I normally do because I had a fireside to go to. I don't usually go, but Ian asked if he could go with me PLUS President Sandburg gave the fireside and I will go and listen to anything that man has to say..... because he is the best. So I was glad that I went. After the fireside I was chatting and catching up with people and then I finally went home to relax around 10pm. So I guess that is why I was so tired.... I was constantly going from 8:30am - 10pm. That is a long day. It was very productive, but it's not my favorite way to spend Sunday.

So I guess that wraps it up! It's been a busy week. I don't have much going on this weekend, but I am hoping that it can be just as productive. I like feeling productive. :)

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jamie hixon said...

I could never do what you do for your fish tank. Seriously.