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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowshoeing Little Cottonwood Canyon

Monday was a Holiday. I didn't get it off. A lot of other people got it off. That always bums me out. My roommates had talked about going Snowshoeing the night before. I told them that I was going into work, but if they were going to go Snowshoeing to text me and then I would leave work and use sick time and go with them. So.... that is what happened. I worked a half day. Worth it!

We were a tiny bit worried when we were driving up the canyon that there wouldn't be enough snow to need our snowshoes since it has been so warm lately and melting the snow. We also had a hard time finding our trail, but once we did... it was great. There was plenty of snow and the trail was very pretty. It followed a river and went through the woods. I just loved it. We all had fun exploring together.

MacKenzie refuses to be in pictures, so it's just Allison and I. After we got done snowshoeing, since we were already in Salt Lake, we shopped at Trader Joe's (really wish we had one closer) and got some good stuff, then we went out to eat at this REALLY yummy BBQ place. It was a great Holiday filled with good food, adventure and roommate bonding.

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jamie hixon said...

Me and your picture refusal friend are kindred spirits. But, dang that place is pretty.