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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 255

So for the first time since I have had my MacBook Pro (which I bought about 5 years ago) I am starting to have problems. My account that I sign in to use for everything got corrupt or something and stopped working. If I log in to that account, nothing happens. However... if I log into the guest account, it works just fine. It doesn't make sense to me. So I brought my laptop into work as I sometimes do. Just to see if I could get something to happen. Then I instant messaged the Tech guy at work asking him if he knew how to fix Mac's and he said he was the only one on the team that did. So... even though it wasn't work related, he was kind enough to come up and help me with my laptop for over an hour. He created a new account for me and copied everything over from my corrupt account.... which is way more than I would have been able to figure out how to do on my own. I thought everything would be fine then... but I am still having problems. My computer doesn't like me doing anything with my files from an added account. It makes it super frustrating. So... now I wonder what I need to do next. Is it time for a new computer? Or is this fixable? Thoughts? I am secretly hoping my brother in law Dan reads this and tells me what to do.... or some other Mac savvy person. I'm pretty frustrated with it. I did figure out how to change privacy settings on iPhoto and iTunes so that it will let me makes changes/add/pull from it. However... it sometimes changes back if I turn the computer off or whatever. Ugh.

Friday was another chill day. We went home a little early from work and my roommates and I just sat around and we watched the newer version of Romeo and Juliette. It was alright. When watching it again I do realize that it is probably the most dramatic teenage love story of all time.

Saturday I felt super productive. I always feel good having productive days. I slept in, but by the time any of my roommates had gotten out of bed, I had watered the plants, vacuumed the entire downstairs, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned Purple Rain's bowl, gathered a small pile for DI and blogged. So, I can feel good about that. After that it was driving around running errands. Went to Ikea, the fish store, Costco....  it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

Sunday it was 55 degrees. I almost couldn't believe it. I mean... we are in January. That is typically our coldest month. I feel like it's Winter back home. I haven't even been dressing in thick coats or anything... I have been dressing for fall weather. It's crazy. I wonder how long it is going to last. Some people don't even think it is going to snow again. Who knows, there is still no snow in sight. I'm not complaining about it though. I love it. This is Winter I can handle.

I started watching another tv show... finally decided to start another one. This one was pretty low commitment though because there are only 2 seasons with 13 episodes each. I am watching "Dollhouse" which was a suggestion by this guy, Mike.. on my activities committee. So far it is pretty interesting. If you have ever seen "The Island" it reminds me of that. I have no idea what I will watch after this.

Speaking of the activities committee... we are planning our next activity. We are planning an epic talent show. It will kind of be like American Idol in the fact that we are going to have the Bishopric be the judges (not that they will say anything bad really) but we are going to make it so people can text int heir votes and there will be prizes. We will have dinner... should be fun, especially since we have the Studio C guys in our ward and Jed the Piano Man. If you have any ideas of how to decorate of talent ideas that were really creative/ different and fun... I want to put together a talent as well... even though I will be working hard to put it on. Anyway... suggestions are always welcome. This is going down at the end of next month. We already have the place we are doing it booked.

It has been a pretty slow work week. I haven't had much to do. It makes the days kind of long... but usually they let us go home a little early which is nice.

I need to be better about going to the gym. It's so easy to be lazy! It would probably also help me feel like I'm losing weight. Right now... I'm sticking to plan and not really feeling any results. It is a little frustrating, but I'm hoping I will get past that soon. Snowshoeing on Monday was good exercise though so the week wasn't a total loss. And at least I am sticking to the diet. I just want to feel awesome. Also since being healthy.....I haven't gotten sick much. Just that one time right after Thanksgiving for a couple of days. Not bad. So I have that going for me too. Looking on the bright side here.

I set up the fort this week. It was time. January is the other month the fort goes up and January is almost over... so it had to go up. It is a pain to put up and it always takes me longer to do it then I think it is going to, but it is up and I love it. So let the parties begin. JK... I don't even really invite many people over to it anymore, but I will try and invite a few this time.

Monday my roommates and I went to Trader Joe's for the first time (since it has been in Salt Lake). It was crowded. I sure wish we had one closer. They have so many options you don't get at other stores and a lot of healthier options that are cheaper. We all got some stuff. Who knows when I will go back again... since it is in Salt Lake. Maybe I'll make a trip whenever I just happened to be in Salt Lake. ha ha.

Tuesday was my friend RJ's birthday. He had a huge group meet at Pizza Pie Cafe. That place has the crappiest pizza I think I have ever had. Thankfully I am dieting and I had a delicious salad before I went, so I just went to socialize. His YouTube famous friend that he does filming for, Stuart Edge was there.... entertaining us all with magic tricks, and people around us too. I just think it was cool that he was on Jimmy Fallon. I love Jimmy! There is a reason why RJ has so many friends... he is great.

Other than that... I think that is all. Not too much going on. I wish I had more dependable adventurous friends. I would go out a lot more and do a lot more.

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jamie hixon said...

I love that you are so honest "That place has the crappiest pizza I've ever had." Ha!