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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bold Lipstick

It was long overdue that Desiree and I get together to hang out. We decided to have a girly night and do make up and such while we catch up.

The trend right now (although not everyone is doing it) is to wear bright and or bold lipstick. I have a couple of friends (Lolly & Geedge) and others that wear the lipstick and it looks SO beautiful on them. I wanted to give the bold lipstick a try even though it would take a little getting used to.

So Desiree went with me to MAC and I picked out a pink, red and purple lipstick and lip liners. I originally was just going in there for pink and red, but Desiree had me try on this purple and it became my favorite one that I tried on. I'm excited to wear it more. I also think the bold lipstick goes great with my new dark hair! Just makes it pop you know? I hope I can be bold enough to wear and pull off this bold lipstick.

After we bought the lipstick, Desiree gave me a make over to try out my new look. Love it! I need to remember how she did my make up so I can try and do it again myself. I really only know how to do make up on myself one way... but I need to branch out. Love my new lip sticks and I always love my time with Desiree. :)


William said...

You are rockin it! Looks good on you :) I always feel like a clown when I put lipstick on... or a lot of makeup for that matter. I'm no good at it I guess :)

Lynette Mills said...

I know it's lori up above, but it's funny to see William make that comment! Pretty Tracy

jamie hixon said...

You seriously look amazing. I need to branch out with my makeup as well. Every once in a while I wear this bold Chanel red lipstick I got a few years ago, mostly just to church.