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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Red Velvet Cupcake in a Jar

One more recipe... at least for now. This is what I made for my co-workers for Christmas. I made one for myself too... you know... just so I knew it tasted good because I had never made it before. It was! I found this on Pinterest, but I changed it a little bit, and of course mine doesn't look as pretty as the one on Pinterest. It is hard to make layered desserts in Jars look good. I did my best... but yeah. The important thing is that it tasted good.

It was easy and fast AND good. Here is what I did.

Made a red velvet cake mix and poured it equally between all of the jars. Baked it in the oven according to the directions on the cake box.

After the cake baked I scooped out half of the cake in each jar (so I could layer it)

I mixed Nutella with chocolate pudding... so it tasted like Nutella pudding.

Bought Cream Cheese Frosting (I suppose you could make it too).

Layer cake then Nutella pudding then the cream cheese frosting. Repeat again.

It's rich, but so delicious. The beauty of it being in a jar... you can eat a little and close the lid and come back for more later. They were a big hit! Everyone LOVED them. I loved how fast and easy it was but still so good. I would make this again.


Erin Cope said...

Oh my gosh, that layered dessert sounds SOOOOO amazing!!! I'll have to make it sometime!!

jamie hixon said...

I love dessert. That looks like a big yummy mess. :)