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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The New Hairdo

I had an appointment to hang out with my friend Nicole... aka get my hair done. I love getting my hair done and I love hanging out with Nicole. It's a win win.

Usually I go in there with no ideas and just let her do what she wants. This time I had sent her a picture from Pinterest of this beautiful brunette with some red in her hair. Obviously everyone's hair is different a takes dye differently etc... so I didn't expect the same thing, but was just giving her a general idea of what could be fun and a little different if she thought it would look good on me. She thought it would so I let her go for it.

It ended up taking 4 hours because the red wasn't as vibrant the first time around as she wanted... so we did the red again. I didn't mind, more time to hang out and catch up. It was late and we were the only ones at the salon, so it was fun. The end result? It's a beautiful rich brown with some beautiful red mixed it. I absolutely LOVE it. I was ready to go darker and I like the way red looks in my hair. The more I see it in pictures and in certain lighting... the more I love it. Thank you Nicole! You are the best hair stylist!

Here is what my hair looks like in different lighting to give you an idea. Did I mention I love it?

Nicole and I having fun while she does my hair and we catch up on life.


jamie hixon said...

She is so good, and she is fun to talk with as well. Your hair ALWAYS looks good.

Delia Jensen said...

Wow! Your new hairstyle is stunning. Nicole did a great job in picking out rich and vibrant colors to mix and compliment your hairstyle. I guess you really lucked out on picking your hairstylist, Tracy. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous!

Delia Jensen @ Best Virgin Remy Hair