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Monday, January 12, 2015


P-Rain is what I call my fish for short. His actual name is Purple Rain and yes, he has a theme song by Prince.

I have had him for a few years now. He has the longest prettiest tail fins I have ever seen on a beta. He is social... he always goes to the side of the bowl where the people are. He has been great. I'm impressed that he is still alive and doing so well... because I don't think they live much longer than 3 years.


When I first set the bowl up I put black rocks on the bottom and had this big plant taking up the majority of the bowl. I decided... I couldn't see Purple Rain that well and I wanted to see him better. He is so beautiful. Anyway... so I gave his bowl a little makeover and I like it a lot better. Now he has the natural colored rocks and the plant in there is real. I pinched it off my other kitchen plant and now you can see all of the roots growing in the water which is cool PLUS the live plant is better for P-Rain. Maybe it will help him live even longer!


William said...

It looks great! You are like a fish whisperer or something. I love your eye for decorating :)

Lynette Mills said...

Glad your beta is happy. They are amazing fish.

jamie hixon said...

That is like the perfect fish to be named after a Prince song.