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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Balinese Healer

I have now completed my Eat, Pray, Love journey. Ok... not really, but kind of. Not that I was trying to. It just kind of happened.

I also did it out of order. I went to India first in 2010. Although I didn't spend my time there meditating... I did go that year to try and find myself in a way. That was after my engagement broke off and I was trying to find what makes me happy without the guy I thought I was going to marry. Although if I were going to go to India without a tour, I would for sure want to spend time meditating in an Ashram. Maybe next time.

Then in 2014 I went to Italy and I enjoyed the food. No holding back. I took an Italian Cooking Class and enjoyed all the finest foods that Italy has to offer with no hesitation. Mmmmm that was a good trip.

Well.. now in 2015 I have gone to Bali... and I wasn't exactly planning on it, but I ended up going to a Balinese Healer... just like in the movie.

It went down like this. We were traveling around Ubud. Our driver was chatting with us while he was driving us from place to place. Towards the end of the day I asked him if there were more tourists in Ubud ever since "Eat, Pray, Love" came out because that is where part of the movie took place. He said yes.... but the movie makes it look like it is more country and city... which is not true and everyone wants to see Ketut while they are there. I said... wait... Ketut is a real healer? Not an actor? He said yes. Allison and I look at each other with excitement and Allison asks him if he knows Ketut. He says yes. He asks us if we want to see Ketut. We say ABSOLUTELY. We were now VERY excited.

At the end of out tour he took us to Ketut... except when we got there, we found out that Ketut was not feeling well which happens a lot since he is getting so old... but he son takes his place when he is out. Since we were there, we figured... might as well. All part of the experience right? So we went to the healer to learn about our future.

What does my future look like? Well... from what I can remember, I was told not to get fat. I'm fine the way I am... but I should not get fat. Need to stay healthy. I could become a manager at work if I go back to school. Either way... I'm lucky and successful and Happy. That is true. I will have a long life of 94 years. I will get married (thank goodness) he was surprised to hear that I was not in a relationship now. I will be married just once (good to hear) and it will be a long and happy married. I will have 3 kids... I just need to decide which guy I feel most comfortable with and best about... and choose him. Like it is that simple. Ha! He made it seem easy... so hears to hoping. He told me if would happen soon. That is all I can really remember... so that was the gist of it. What an experience.

Eat, Pray Love = Complete. Now what?


Lynette Mills said...

Well, that is awesome Tracy. How many people can say they've had that experience? Not many.

Lori said...

Pretty awesome :) Is that a plumeria in your hair?!?! So jealous.

Tracy Mills said...

Yes Lori! I put one in my hair every time I saw a tree full of of them. :) Just like you.

jamie hixon said...

That is awesome! Maybe I should see that movie... or read the book? I didn't ride that wave when it came through the public eye. Your future sounds as bright as your present!