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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bohol - Philippines

We only planned on being in Bohol for a day tour, but once we took the boat over there... checked out the relaxed atmosphere and got a couple of full body massages on the beach, we decided to stay for a couple of days. Turns out it was a great place to hang out.

Highlights of Bohol include seeing the Tarsier's - which are one of the smallest primates. They are small animals with enormous eyes: each eyeball is approximately 16 mm in diameter and is as large as its entire brain. The unique cranial anatomy of the tarsier results from the need to balance their large eyes and heavy head so they are able to wait silently for nutritious prey. Personally, I think they look like gremlins.

We went to the Butterfly Farm.

Drove through the man-made forrest.

We did a bamboo canopy walk over a river... it seemed pretty sketchy, in fact my sandal went though part of the bridge and got stuck. Yet... I paid to walk across it and back. It was pretty though.

We had a traditional Filipino lunch on a river cruise. The food was good, the entertainment was cool and the views were the best.

But my favorite part of Bohol was seeing the view of the Chocolate Hills. I would have loved to see it at sunrise or sunset... but that wasn't in the cards. The Chocolate Hills are so beautiful and so unique. So glad that we ended up going.

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jamie hixon said...

I feel like you vacationed on another planet, those pictures are amazing.