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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 272

Life after the trip... it's been hard. Going back to work was hard... only because so many changes took place while I was gone and not great changes. Things at home are also not great and on top of that I got sick the day after I got back. It has been coming on gradually though. I started losing my voice, which I thought was weird... then it got worse and my voice was totally gone and then I got a deep cough. I feel like it's going to get worse before it gets better. On top of that... my sleep. Ugh... it always takes me a week to get back on my time zone. I don't know why I'm not as affected on the way there as I am on the way back, but so it is. I thought because I didn't go to sleep the night I went back and then went straight to work and then made myself stay up until 10 the next night that I would be right back on track... but I wasn't. It will probably take me a full week. Oh well.

While I was at the grocery store, I was getting Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I know... shame on me, this is why I'm getting fat again. I was trying to decide which new flavor I wanted to try. All of the sudden there is this guy behind me saying... "Get both. You deserve it. You work hard. You know you will eat them both eventually. Just get both".  I was like... no strange guy behind me in the grocery store. I shouldn't even be getting one, let a lone both. I need to be healthier. He straight up convinced me to get both of them. Not sure why he cared so much that I eat more ice cream. It made me laugh though. I'm going to try and stay away from the ice cream section for a while. I also need to start counting calories I think. Yuck. I got together with my health coach though... that was good. She helped me come up with a plan of little meals I can eat through the day that are carb and protein balanced. I needed that. I do better with a structured plan. I would also do better with a health and fitness partner to do it with me, but I doubt I am going to find that unfortunately. I'm going to try really hard to motivate myself.

I have SO many pictures and video to go though of my trip. Yikes... it is going to take me a while. Sorry in advance. I'm doing my best.

Let's talk about all the things I love about being home. Sleeping in my bed. Having my own clean bathroom that doesn't have any weird flushing issues. Being clean and wearing clean clothes. Not living out of a backpack. Driving my car. Being with my family and other friends again. Those are pretty much the highlights of being home. Oh... and my normal food again... like salad.

That is pretty much it. I mean, I've only been home a couple of days.... so back to life, back to reality.

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jamie hixon said...

Back to life, back to reality. Great lyrics. :) Sorry about the lame changes at work.