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Monday, May 25, 2015

RJ Studio's Family

Now that I have been a part of the "Shake It Off Disney Style" video ... it's like I have joined a little family. We are all friends... I'm a part of group texts and parties and different gatherings. It's nice. I like making new friends.  A lot of them are super young, but that's ok. A handful of us are all in the same ward. That is how I know RJ after all. Anyway... we decided to take a picture together.... with Stacey, because he wanted to advertise RJ's video on his Instagram since he has thousands of followers. I always feel super cool when Stacey and RJ tag me in their instagram photo's. They are so popular, so it makes me feel cool. Ha ha. Anyway... we are already in the works for another music video in a couple of weeks. It will be to Taylor Swifts "Bad Blood". It will be full of minion's and villains... and I told RJ to give me a bigger part. I hope he does. ha ha.


Lori said...

Are there twin brothers in this photo? You look great! I love that outfit... I like all your outfits though ;)

Tracy Mills said...

Thanks Lori! Yes, they are twin brothers.

jamie hixon said...

Saw this on Instagram, such a great picture (or series of pictures).