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Saturday, May 2, 2015


The first quilt that I ever made was a jean quilt out of my old jeans and corduroy pants.

Then at the end of high school, I made a T-Shirt quilt with the help of a lady in my home ward. It was from all of my shirts that meant something to me from grade school to high school. It has class shirts, choir shirts, sports shirts, youth conference and girls camp shirts etc...

I love T-Shirt quilts because I get so many shirts that mean something to me and I wear the shirts for a little while but then I stop but then I don't want to get rid of them because they have meaning. Making a blanket out of them is the perfect solution to still get use out of them and keep them forever. So... I decided I wanted to make another from my college years. It has shirts from a lot of places I have worked and races I have run in, church shirts and so on and so forth. I wanted it to be a project that my mom and I did together... but I was having a hard time finding the time to go and do it. We worked on it together in the beginning but then my mom surprised my for Christmas and finished it for me. Well... the front. Then she took it in to have it quilted by a machine and then she finished it and just brought it over to me the other day. Turned out SO great.

I'm pretty sure I only want to do one more T-Shirt quilt sometime in the future. It will be a blanket of all the T-Shirts I have bought on my travels around the world.... and I want to get some sort of map material for the back. It will be legit... but that will probably not be for a while. In the meantime.... Thank you mom!!! I love my new T-Shirt quilt. It will get lots of use.


jamie hixon said...

What a nice thing for mom to do!! It looks great. I've been wanting to make quilts for the kids, I found a cute herringbone pattern on Pinterest.

Logan said...

Way to go Nettie! Looks like an awesome quilt.