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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Ubud, Bali is a BEAUTIFUL place. We decided to splurge and go through Air B&B instead of a hostel. It ended up being $40 a person per night which is WAY more than I am used to paying on these trips, but it was WORTH IT! We stayed in this amazing bungalow right on a rice field. We would see the workers go out and work in the field. We had the Bungalow to ourselves. Us girls had one room and the boys had the other. The bathroom to each room was outside... I actually loved showering outside. Don't ask why. It was refreshing. The bungalow had windows EVERYWHERE so it was light and a beautiful view no matter where you looked. The best part was that the place came with a driver on call and laundry service if we just left our clothes out, they would wash them AND when we wanted breakfast in the morning... all we had to do was open our door and then they would come in and ask what we wanted for breakfast and they would make it in our kitchen and then serve it to us on the patio with that beautiful view.

When we wanted to go into town, we could get a driver... or walk across the rice field to town. We did that once. It was nice. Beautiful. First night we went to a Balinese cultural show. It was awesome. I tried to keep up with the story they were dancing/singing but it was hard. Cool to watch regardless.

The next day we spent the day exploring around Ubud. We visited an awesome waterfall.

We visited some really beautiful Hindu Temples. Not only are the temples beautiful, but the grounds of the temples are equally as beautiful. We went to the sacred Elephant Cave.

People go to the Holy Water Temple for purification. I kind of wanted to jump into the experience and get all the way in, but I didn't want to walk around wet the rest of the day. So I just got into my knees and poured the water over my head. At all the temples we had to wear something around our waste to cover our legs. There were also offerings everywhere. I got made an offering at one of the temples and got blessed by one of the men there.

I love experience different cultures and religions. I had a wonderful time in Bali. I wouldn't hate going back one day. There is still so much I would have liked to see that I didn't.


Lori said...

I WANT TO GO TO BALI!!!!!! :) Love that you wore a plumeria in your hair! :)

Tracy Mills said...

I always think of you when I do it. :)

jamie hixon said...

That looks and sounds amazing!!! Wow, I think I have a new place I want to visit.