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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Allegiant Air

I flew Allegiant Air from Provo to Mesa when I went to go visit Jamie. This is SUPER convenient for both me and Jamie because both airports and small and close by each of us. Flying out of Provo is like flying out of Santa Barbara, you feel high class because it is such a small airport.

I almost missed my flight on the way there, but besides that, everything went fine. Everything was on time and you are there in an hour. It's great. When I turned on my phone at the end of the flight, my friend Justine had text me... "You are not happening to be flying to Mesa right now are you?" What? Are you on this flight? Yes... yes she was. So it was nice to have a friend to talk to while I waited for my sister to pick me up. A friend to talk to, perfect weather and a beautiful sunset. Doesn't get better than that! What a perfect way to start my long weekend!

On the way back was a different story. Probably because I was going back and I didn't want to. The weekend was too short. The weather was too perfect to go back to colder weather... just wanted to stay in AZ. Anyway, my flight was supposed to leave at 9:45 that morning but I got a call from Allegiant at 6:30am saying that my flight was delayed until 12:50pm. So I guess I wasn't working a half day at work. Oh well. Not crying about it. So I went to the airport a little later. My brother in law, Dan, took me and we stopped at Taco Bell on the way to get some food. Then I waited at the airport for my flight. Sat next to Justine who I knew after talking to her on the way there that we also had the same flight back. We chatted until it was time to board the plane. We boarded the plane on time... but once we got on the plane... I could see why Allegiant was struggling and why our flight was so delayed. They just couldn't get it together! The pilot was late and shocked to see us all on the plane already... hello! We are on time! I was only 4 rows back from the front of the plane, so I could see the pilot just sitting there... staring at the buttons. At one point he pressed a button that turned all of our lights on and then off again and then he sat and stared some more. I swear he didn't know what he was doing. I already don't love flying, but I started to get anxiety that he didn't know how to fly the plane. We sat in the plane before we finally took off for a good 45 minutes!! After sitting for a 25 minutes or so they claim they are ready to go and the only reason why we hadn't taken off was because someone was in the bathroom and they needed to be back in their seat and buckled up before we could leave. There is no way a person was in the bathroom that entire time unless they were constipated. They shortly after got out and took their seat. We still didn't leave. I knew something was up because the guy that checked our tickets was in the doorway and so was some dude in an orange vest and they both didn't look like they were going anywhere anytime soon. They then get on the intercom and claim that the plane is not properly balanced with weight and they needed two people in the front of the plane to move to the back of the plane. Have you ever heard of that? I sure haven't. Don't they design the planes to distribute the weight properly? Anyway... two people quickly get up and move to the back because we are all sick of sitting there waiting. Everyone claps for them. I could see how the guy that got up could make a tiny bit of difference in weight, but the second person that got up was this tiny petite girl that probably weighed 100 lbs. I'm sure THAT is going to make a huge difference! Ha! This apparently made the difference... but we still didn't leave for a while after that. Then we backed up and they said we were first for take off (shocker, there are hardly any planes that fly in and out of that airport) but we still sat there for another 5 minutes before going anywhere. I swear they were just making up excuses while the pilot figured out what he was doing. Anyway... we finally did get up in the air and once we did we got there quickly, but I felt bad that I had my mom waiting for me there at the airport for a half hour. Oh Allegiant...

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jamie hixon said...

That totally sucks about your flight home- I had no idea! Yikes. I'm glad you got home ok.