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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 297

I had a nice long weekend that went by way too fast. It was nice to be in Arizona over the weekend with my sister and her family in the perfect weather. It was a chill weekend, but it was nice. I loved not having to go to work and being able to sleep in every day and just relax. Of course getting to spend time with my sister and niece and nephew was great too.

While I was there, my brother in law, Dan, showed me how to do night photography and how to take pictures of the stars. I have been wanting to learn this for a while, so I am excited to test it out. He also found a new lens for me that I think I am going to love and is actually affordable. I'm going to get it before my trip.

Because of my long weekend in Arizona, my work week went by pretty fast. Helps to only work 4 days instead of 5. Well... I worked for like an hour on Monday, but that is nothing.

Speaking of work, we have a new girl on the team. Paula and I have been taking turns training her all week. She trained her Monday and Wednesday. I trained her on Tuesday and today (because Paula was out) and I will also be training her tomorrow. She is nice... it does make it so I can't watch anything at work, but I guess that is ok. ha ha.

I am almost all caught up on Pretty Little Liars now. I am in the 6th season and just finished the 7th episode. I have 3 more left until I am finished... well... until it starts back up in January. Then I need to start catching up on all the other shows I have been neglecting while watching this one. So funny that I used to not really watch any tv... now that there is Hulu and Netflix, I watch SO much. Thankfully most of it is at work while I just have to sit anyway... so I don't feel like I am being that lazy.

It got really cold this week. I don't like it. Tuesday snowed. It covered the mountain, but thankfully nothing stuck to the ground. Lets hope it stays that way for a while.

Yesterday after work, I went to Utah lake to watch the sunset. It is setting so early now... just right as I'm leaving work pretty much. I don't like it. The sunset was beautiful though. I was glad I did it. Then the rest of the night I went to go hang out with my Grandma. We had fun chatting and watching a Simon and Garfunkle concert on DVD. I LOVE Simone and Garfunkle... so much. We also FaceTimed with my cousin Lisa for a little bit which was fun. An evening well spent.

I have also been working on my video from my last trip more. I'm really hoping to have it done soon. I have really slacked on working on it. So bad, I know. I'm about to go on another trip, so it really needs to be done before then. I'm getting closer. There is just so much video to go through. It needs to be done in the next couple of weeks though. I will make it happen. The book too... I don't think that will take me as long to do though.

U-Jam was really fun this week. I'm sad there is only one more class left and then the instructor gets a surgery and will be recovering for the rest of the year. I will miss her and the class. The yoga instructor does't know me... because I have never gone to one of her classes, but she has really been bugging me lately to come to her yoga class. And her class is the most well attended class, so I'm not sure why she cares so much that I go or not, but I committed to going to one class after Jeannie can't teach anymore.

Another thing they provide at the gym that I was not aware of until VERY recently... is that you can set up appointments with the girl that is over the fitness center and work on health and fitness goals. When I found this out, I decided to set up a time with her and figure out how to help me. I want to be one of those people that loves working out. Right now... I don't. The only thing that motivates me to go down to the gym is U-Jam class... and that is just not enough. So I filled out a couple of forms of where I am at and where I want to be and had a nice hour chat with Kristi (the girl that runs the fitness center). I told her I need structure. I told her I need to be accountable to someone. I suggested (not knowing if this was something I could even ask of her) to set up weekly workouts for me and diet... and then everyday, I would have to come down and get my assignment. This way I had the structure and I had to be accountable to her because she was creating this FOR ME and counting on me to come down everyday to get the plan she created for me. I knew that would be enough for me to have to go down. Not only did she agree to do that for me and was happy to do so... but she said she needs a little motivation to work out lately... so that she would work out with me (which she doesn't offer to people that come to her). SCORE! I pretty much am getting a free personal trainer at my free gym. I'm for reals not paying her anything. I'm so excited about this. So today was our first day. We did weight training and worked on legs. She went through all of the machines with me and what to do and I'm keeping track of everything that I eat so that she can next help me with my diet. Isn't this the greatest? She is excited to be doing it too. I'm so lucky. If I would have known about this earlier, I would have come to her a lot sooner, but I had no idea that was available to me at the gym. It's pretty awesome. She will work with me for as long as I want her to to help me reach my goals. I'm hoping this is exactly what I need to get me back to where I was and to help me to love exercise and health enough that I will no longer need the help and motivation of someone else.

This morning I had breakfast with my old contracts team. It was nice. It was just like old times. I really do miss them, even though I still see them, it's not the same. Also, most of them got let go so pretty soon I will not be seeing them around anymore and it makes me really sad and mad.. but mostly sad. My work family is being broken apart. At the same time, a new family is being formed. I am starting to become better friends with people on my new team. It makes going to work a lot nicer. I guess I had to get over being mad about everything and now it seems like people like being around me and want to talk to me and hang out. Ha ha. I'm sure that makes me boss happy too.

I just found out that they cleaned off all the gum on the gum wall in Seattle. I don't know why, but I got kind of mad at this. Ha ha. 20 years of gum... all gone. My gum had been there for the last 4 years. It just makes me sad. It was gross, but such a cool thing. Apparently it attracted tourists, but it also attracted rats. Whatever, I still think they should have kept it. My friend Lorelie and I talked about starting one here in our neighborhood. HA!

Another thing that I did this week was go through my closet! It seems like I do that often... but it needs to be done. I took EVERYTHING out (which I haven't done in a long time) and one by one I decided what I would keep and what I would give away. I also reorganized the clothes. Instead of just the type of clothing it was... I organized into plane, stripes, plaid, floral and lace. It is a different way to do things... but so far, I kind of like it. It took me WAY longer that I thought it would to go through my closet, but I was up until 3am. I was committed.... and I got it done. So now I have a big pile of clothes to take to my family's house to see if my sister and sister in law and mom want any of it. Hopefully that makes them happy. It is time consuming... but I feel AWESOME after going though and getting rid of stuff and reorganizing and cleaning. Makes me happy. My closet right now is making me happy. I have taken a couple of trips to DI recently... but I guarantee that I will continue to go through my stuff little by little and find more and more to get rid of. That is the plan anyway. To de-clutter my life and get rid of things that I don't need, or don't use and is just taking up space in my storage... which I don't have a lot of. One day... I'm going to have my dream walk-in closet. One day...

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jamie hixon said...

Wow, you have your own personal trainer for free- sweet!
I think gum walls are gross, especially if they attract rats- ew! I'm glad I don't have one anywhere near my house.
I need to go through my closet. I wear like the same four things all the time. Lame.
I was glad you came out to Arizona! Thanks for doing that. I had a great time with you here.