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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Autumn in the Park

I LOVE living right next to Bicentennial park. It is especially beautiful in the fall.

Today I needed to work on my video from my last trip (6 months ago) with no distractions because I really need to get it done. So since the sun was out, and it was warm (for November) I decided to hammock in the park, enjoy the good weather and work on my video. As long as the sun was hitting me, it felt great. Also relaxing. The park is a lot less crowded this time of year as well, which is nice. Until we have a big snow storm... then there will be a bunch of munchkins sledding down the little hill.  I'm not ready for the cold.

1 comment:

jamie hixon said...

That last hammock picture is really cool! Also, I think Studio C has filmed at that park. How sad is it that I know that? Thanks, kids for watching the same sketches over and over again. ;)