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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mills/Anderson Thanksgiving Reunion

My dad's side of the family is the family I saw the most growing up. Almost every holiday we would drive from Santa Barbara to Long Beach to my Grandma & Grandpa's house and we would all gather there. We are pretty close because of it.

This year we had a very Special Thanksgiving and got everyone except for Travis's wife and daughter and Steve's oldest son together for Thanksgiving. This hasn't happened in YEARS and will most likely never happen again. Although it had been many years since we were all together, it felt just the same. I love that. I LOVE spending time with this side of the family.

We had over 50 people, so there was A LOT of food. A lot of GREAT food. We had 3 different Turkey's. One baked, one deep fried and one smoked. The smoked was my favorite. SO GOOD! There were tons of side and I think even more desserts. Some even made the food festive. It was cute.

Of course we couldn't have a gathering without Grandma giving something away to everyone. She is the most thoughtful, sweetest and most caring person I know!

Since we were all together again for Grandma, we asked her if she had any requests for the day. She at first just requested singing, but then that got upgraded to a talent show. If Grandma wants a talent show, we will give Grandma a talent show. There was comedy, dancing, singing, guitar playing, clarinet/ trumpet duet and poetry. We had a nice variety of talents and participants of all ages. Jamie and I sang "A Life That's Good" and Dan played the guitar for us.

We also all got pictures with Grandma... even though she didn't want to. She was a good sport because she knew it was important to all of us. Dan took the pictures and I think they turned out great. I like the progression of the generations.

I LOVE my family so much. So blessed to be a part of this bunch. LOVE my Grandma SO SO much and so glad we could all get together to spend Thanksgiving together as a big family one last time. What a special day. One that I will never forget.

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jamie hixon said...

That really was an amazing thanksgiving. I love all the pictures (except for me in the one where we are singing. I don't think I have ever taken a good picture singing.)
I loved the talent show, and I love grandma! And I am so glad we got to be together like when we were kids.