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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So Long, Farewell

A few weeks ago, all of the guys in this picture got let go from Novell/ Micro focus. It was heart breaking for the rest of us. Minus Sarah (to the left of me) we have all been together for 7 years... and they were all together long before I joined the team. The guys had all been working there 15 or so years. I still don't understand the reason they were let go and I probably never will. I know that it was a mistake on their part and we are all going to have to suffer from that mistake for a while.

They were given until the end of the month to clear things up and do a knowledge transfer to the people that are staying and taking on their stuff. So... their lay off's haven't seemed real, until today when Paul came to give me a hug goodbye. It was bitter sweet and I had to hold back the tears.

Thankfully Paul already has another job lined up and Andy is close to having another job lined up and Ron was asked to sign on for another 6 months and then after that who knows.... I feel better knowing they are taken care of and hopefully they are better off.

After many years of working together, you really do become a little family. So before we had to separate as co-workers, we got together one morning for breakfast while Kristy was in town from Colorado. That is what the picture below is from. I also initiated getting together for a pot luck at Stirling's house since Stirling has decided to leave the company with all of these changes being made. I wanted to end on a happy note. One last activity all together. I'm going to miss our team activities... a lot. We had a good time and it just seemed like such a better note to leave on than doing nothing at all.

After 7 years of spending all day every day with a small group of people, you experience a lot together, you learn a lot about them and you end up caring a lot about them. So I wanted to do a tribute to each one of them on my blog... even Ron (although I will still be seeing him for the next 6 months and maybe even longer... who knows).

Andy (left)- I had my interview with Andy and he was my boss up until I was moved to a new team. Andy is an interesting character. I rarely saw him mad or in a bad mood. He was typically upbeat and laughing. We both had a love for traveling and would spend lots of time talking about where we had been and where we want to go. I could talk to Andy about anything. He is a great listener and understanding and typically had great advice for me as well. He really helped me out when my engagement fell apart and was the one that suggested counseling and that was the best thing I did for myself. He always put up with being the one teased and made fun of by the team with a smile. Such a great guy to work with and I will miss seeing him around.

Ron (middle) - He's the manager over Contracts. In the years that I have been working with him, I have seen him get back surgery, Lasik eye surgery, and in and out of braces. It's like he is a new man... but I already don't remember what he was like before all of that. He is our story teller. He somehow has the craziest life stories and hilarious stories as well and he loves to tell them. A lot of his sentences start with "Have I ever told you the story of ___" Ron and Andy were BFF. Ron LOVED making fun of Andy. I feel like Andy was the route of  90% of Ron's jokes... and we all (including Andy) thought they were hilarious. Ron is always happy and positive and laughing about something. He is fun to have a conversation with. Work is fun with Ron around and I'm glad that he will at least be around for another 6 months.

Paul (right) - Is probably one of the most friendly people you will ever meet. I feel like this Canadian knows everyone at work and everyone know's him. He was always coming back with treats because everyone knows him and would invite him to partake in their team treats or share from their own personal stash. He loves sharing pictures and stories about his cute family. He helped me out with my car a couple of times. He is a handy man.  I will miss asking him how he is doing and him saying "I'm old and cranky" with a big smile on his face. I love that he would memorize poetry to read to his wife on Valentines day. Every Winter he tries to convince me that this is my year to learn how to ski. He loves the Winter more than anyone I know. Whenever I told him he was too early in the morning to be eating chocolate or cake he would tell me... It's breakfast chocolate or breakfast cake. He took me on a motorcycle ride a couple of times and one was up the canyon which was great fun. I have worked with Paul the most over the years because I cover his area. I'm going to miss working with him a lot.

Such a positive and fun group of guys. They were almost always pleasant to be around, could open up and talk to any of them about anything, they were always so excited for me to go on my trips and would set up meetings at work just to hear about them and see pictures. All great, stank up guys. I have been truly blessed to have them as co-workers and am going to miss them. A lot. My work family will never be the same. It was really great while it lasted. I'll never forget this time of my life, working with the. What amazing examples they are to me and everyone around them. Great guys. They will be missed.

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jamie hixon said...

Aw, I'm sorry about the changes- your team looked pretty great.