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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sister Hike in the Snow

I really like to spend time outside on the weekends if I can help it, so I asked my sister Lori if she wanted to go on a hike with me. Kristy ended up coming as well. They didn't want to go far, so we just hiked a mile or so up Maple Canyon by my parents house. It was pretty because there were still some fall leaves left,so that with the snow was quite pretty.

Funny story. We ended up passing this biker with a red beard. We got out of the way for him and he made a comment about how slippery it was and that was that. Later that night I instagrammed the picture below of me and my sisters on the hike. Turns out... that guy that we passed has been following me on Instagram since the Spring. I wasn't following him back (I am now) but when he likes my pictures, I have gone to like his pictures... which are awesome by the way. Anyway, he commented on the picture that he was the guy that passes us. Ha! How awesome is that. Randomly crossing paths with a fellow adventurer instagramer. I thought it was awesome. I would have never known had he not said something though. I'm glad he did.

It was a quick but great outing with my sisters where we could be out in nature and get in some exercise after all that food we ate and have a nice little chat. I enjoyed it. Love my sisters! So happy to have all of this family in town. It's the best.

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jamie hixon said...

Aw, I'm bummed I couldn't go with you guys. That looks beautiful! And that is funny about the guy. I'm glad you didn't say he slipped and died or something, that was almost what I was expecting from the "slippery" comment.