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Friday, November 27, 2015

Ice Cream with Gwen

Gwen's birthday was actually on the 19th (the day after Sierra's) but obviously she lives in Arizona, so I couldn't just take her out. Thankfully, Jamie and Dan have been visiting the same month as both Asher and Gwen's birthday, so I was able to take them both out for their birthday either early or late. Gwen was late, but she didn't care. :)

Sadly, Gwen specifically asked NOT to go to Sodalicious. Guess I can't win them all. Instead, she wanted to get ice cream. So, as she requested, I took her to get ice cream. Just the two of us.

She is the sweetest little thing. I love how girly she is and knows what she likes. She has the cutest little laugh and loves to do cartwheels everywhere she goes. She is sweet with her baby brother and pretty sweet to everyone actually.

We had fun on our little birthday outing. I love Gwen and am so glad I get to be her Aunt. Happy Birthday Gwenners!

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jamie hixon said...

Thanks for taking her out, she loved it. You are such a sweet aunt.