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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Philippines & Bali Video

It's only taken me 6 months... but hey, I finished the video of my last trip. Just in time before I go on another one. It is kind of fun though. Totally get to re-live the trip again. I hope this video makes you want to go to the Philippines. Enjoy.


Gary said...

Nicely done, Tracy. I like the blackouts with the beat of the music and hands over the lens. That must have taken some forethought.

Tracy Mills said...

Thanks Uncle Gary! Yes! I got that idea from a couch surfer I hosted in the Spring and told them all I wanted to do it at the beginning of the trip.

Lynette Mills said...

So fun to watch. I really like the way you edited!

jamie hixon said...

You did it! And good music choices. ;)