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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RIP Purple Rain

Today was a sad day. My Beta Fish, Purple Rain died. Beta fish don't typically live more than 2 years, 3 at the most. I had P-Rain for 4 1/2 years! Who knows how old he was before I bought him. He was a great fish.

I knew he was getting old and it was only a matter of time. I could tell that he was starting to struggle in his old age because he wouldn't be able to see where I put the food in his bowl unless I lead him with my finger to it (which I was happy to do) then he would eat. However, he was still eating and moving fine. Yesterday he wouldn't eat. He was moving slow. I knew he was going to die. He died today. I'm glad it went quick for him.

Everyday when I get home from work, first thing I do after bringing in the mail is feed P-Rain and talk to him. True story. He would always get real active and swim around a lot when I got home and always hang out at the side of the bowl that I was at. I would ask him about his day (like it was really exciting) and tell him about my day... I always talk to P-Rain. I know... it's kind of weird. So I was sad and not that surprised when I went to feed him today and saw that he was dead.

Because I have had P-Rain for 4 1/2 years.... talking to him everyday, I wanted to have a little service for him. I remembered my cousin, Dave, would have a little service with his kids around the toilet before they flush the fish and say a few words in honor of the fish. So I took a picture of P-Rain in the toilet and sent it to cousin Dave. We had a service for P-Rain via text. This is how it went.

Me: *Sent pictures*

Dave: Noooooooo!!!
          Purple Rain?!

Me: Yes :(

Dave: He was a great fish, one of beautiful color, shape and temperament. He will be greatly missed!! Amen!

Me: Thank you for those kind words for his service.

       He lived a good, long and happy life. He kept me company in good times and in bad. He is the most beautiful of all the Beta's I have ever seen and the most social.  Many roommates have come and gone over the past 4 1/2 years, but P-Rain was always there with me. He will be missed. Amen!

Dave: Is it too soon to ask if you are ready for a baby bearded dragon?

Ha ha. Typical Dave. I'm sure he is going to try and convince me to take on the baby lizard over Thanksgiving next week. Love him.  I'm glad that he could be there for me during Purple Rain's death.

Rest in Peace Purple Rain. Although I will probably get another Beta Fish... you can never be replaced.


Gary said...

Janet talks to our Beta too, Tracy. You are not alone. Sorry you lost P-Rain but it sounds like you had a nice run with him.

Lynette Mills said...

Im reading this post to Irelyn and i started to cry. She thinks im weird. I suppose i am.

jamie hixon said...

The toilet thing just seems so brutal. At least it was clean. Ha.