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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sodalicious with Sierra

On Wednesday, Sierra turned 10! She is in the double digits now. So crazy how fast my nieces and nephews are growing up. I had the privilege of being able to take Sierra out on her actual birthday since she didn't have any plans on that night. I picked her up and chatted on the way to and from Sodalicious. She is such a sweetheart and is growing up to be a beautiful young woman. 

At Sodalicious, like everyone else, she had a hard time deciding what flavors she wanted to mix. She ended up picking... Lemonade with raspberry and passion fruit. It was pretty good. Plus she liked it and that is all that matters. I told the people at Sodalicous that it was her birthday, so everyone there came out to say Happy Birthday to her and they wrote Happy Birthday on her cup. 

It was a fun little outing with my adorable niece. Love you Sierra Bug! So happy you are a part of the family. 


Lynette Mills said...

Yeah for birthdays and sodalicious!

jamie hixon said...

That is an adorable picture of you two!