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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 110

The weather has been great. Spring is here. Hooray! Things are even starting to turn green. Maybe that means I will have a decent garden this year.

I don't have a twitter account. I told myself I never would get one because I didn't see the point. However.... ever since I have become friends with Tara, she makes me want to get a Twitter account just so I can follow her. ha ha. She is so funny and tweets about everything. Everything we do now on facebook and text back and forth to each other is in twitter form. Example: #personalityredvsblueequalsdrama  #girlproblems . ha ha. I don't know why I think it is so funny... but I am not sure if it is going to get me to sign up for twitter. Anyone out there that has twitter that loves it and wants to tell me why?

Have you ever though about if you life was a movie what category it would be under? I have been thinking about that this week because I feel like all week and last weekend was DRAMA!! I hate it. When it rains it pours and it was pouring at me from every direction it felt like. So I had this thought. I couldn't decide if my life would be categorized as a drama or a comedy. Maybe a little bit of both? I think it would mostly be a comedy though.... because most of the stuff that happens I feel like I can laugh at and in fact I share it so that others can laugh at it with me. If I can't laugh at all the awkward/bad things that happen in life... I think I would be super depressed all the time. ha ha. Seriously though, I think it is so hard to avoid. People have such different personalities and handle things and react to things so differently.... it is hard for people not to get offended and to not assume and not to judge. It is in our nature. When it happens to me (even when I am not aware that it is happening) it is a good reminder to me that I need to not do these things. I just need to go on being happy, positive, not judge, not assume, and just give people the benefit of the doubt. Just as much as needing to act this way to other people, it doesn't mean people are going to act this way toward you. This means I have to constantly tell myself to not be so sensitive and not to get offended and to be forgiving and just forget and put it behind me. I think I am good at the forgiving part and putting it behind me... but I need to work on the not being sensitive and get offended part. I guess self improvement is always work in progress.

So I have talked about the game Draw Something a few times... I knew that I would have fun playing with my family especially because I know they all have artistic skills. Seriously. I feel like I have only done a few drawings that I thought were really good that I was actually proud of them and would have wanted a picture. Too bad I can't.... well, I guess I could take a picture with my camera, just never thought of that until now. Anyway.... as I said, my family have art skills. I mean... look at this picture my sister Jamie drew for me. I'm glad she got a picture of it. What makes it extra impressive is that it is so hard to draw with the pad of your finger on a little phone. Impressive indeed.


Lynette Mills said...

That is a cool picture!

jamie hixon said...

Yeah, your sister has major art skills.
If my life were a movie, it would be one of those boring foreign films. Seriously, I was teaching Asher French today as we sat pointing out black and orange bugs in our grass.
I don't think I will ever do the Twitter thing. I don't think I need one more way to waste time. Dan does it, but it is for nerdy computer reasons. I support that.