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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mr. Spontaneous

A couple of weeks ago, I am at work... in my office... checking my facebook. No big deal. Then a chat box pops up. I go to look at who is wanting to chat with me... thinking it is my friend Ashley (because she usually chats with me on there) and I see... Mr. Spontaneous. A few thoughts cross my mind right then. #1-  Why are we still facebook friends (or why did we ever become facebook friends)? #2- I'm surprised I even still remember who he is and surprised he remembers who I am. #3- Why does he want to talk to me?

You are probably wondering how I know Mr. Spontaneous. Well... a little over 6 years ago, I went home to Santa Barbara for Christmas. One of my BFF's, Steve and I decide that we are going to get together at the end of our vacations, play, and then I would ride back with him.. or maybe I went with another friend. I don't remember. The first thing we did... was meet up in Malibu to rock climb/ repel at Point Dume. Steve brought one of his buddies that he grew up with in the LA area. That buddy is Mr. Spontaneous. I didn't talk with him a lot that day... I just remember he was funny. I never saw him or talked to him again after that day (which is why I don't know why we are facebook friends).

6 years later our facebook chat begins...

Mr. Spontaneous: "Are we dating?"

Me: "Ummm what?"

Mr. Spontaneous: "So is that a yes?"

Me: *thinking he is just joking around to start conversation* "Sure"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Ok cool, so now what do we do?"

Me: "Not sure, I was hoping you would tell me"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Well I'm a guy. I don't want to be too forward"

Me: "...ok..."

Mr. Spontaneous: "So what do you want to do?"

Me: "Well... that will be tricky since we live in different states"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Minor inconvenience. With technology now a days we can do everything long distance."

Me: "mmmmk... so what do you think we should do? I wasn't prepared for this. ha ha"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Well that's a good thing"

Me: "Why is that?"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Ok well are you an innocent girl? Because Spontaneous is good."

Me: "I can be spontaneous."

Mr. Spontaneous: "Doubt it."

Me: "What? You don't even know me..."

Mr. Spontaneous: "I know I'm assuming all over the place. Well, you can stop me. That's how all science starts with assumptions. If you are LDS, that means farthest you have gone is held hands with gloves on, never drank or smoked and you watch Disney movies."

Me: "ha ha... you have quite the view of LDS singles"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Well... tell me what you have done."

Me: "Why does it matter to yo what I have done and not done? I guess I am just wondering why all the sudden you are talking to me and wanting to know what I do. We haven't talked since... we met... which was what? 2005?"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Well we are dating now. That's why. I'm spontaneous. I do odd stuff. I just do what I feel like doing."

*He then goes on and wants to play the question answer game. I answer his questions and then I ask him one of my own. My question again was why did he start writing me? Why now? I know he is random... but was he just going through his facebook friends and saw my picture and thought... oh, I feel like talking to her? This was his answer...*

Mr. Spontaneous: "Ok soooooo i'll be honest. I love brunettes with cute smiles and big boobs. Can you think of anyone who fits the profile? I think you are cute but if we dated you would have to be ok with the fact that I'm not perfect like you... not sure if that works. Why now? I guess my answer is even though I'm not religious, I believe in fate and now was the right time. Is that cheesy?"

Me: *I then start to realize that he is not joking around. He is actually serious* "ummm.... thank you? How did you expect to date me if you are living in California and I am living in Utah?"

Mr. Spontaneous: "I bought a food company so the stock value alone is about 3 million. At market probably more. So I should retire in about 3 years. I am rich so I can afford plane tickets. I can fly to you or I can fly you out here, which ever you prefer. But again, I think you are too innocent for me because I am spontaneous and you are LDS. I am the type that would bring you out next week, have a fun week, start dating etc... no qualms. My personal motto is "have fun now". You can prove me wrong though if you want to."

Me: "Nah... you are probably right. I don't want to play around anymore, I'm looking for a long lasting relationship."

Mr. Spontaneous: "No, I want companionship, family.. but down the road, board game player, reader, laughter, spontaneous, hopefully as smart as me, educated, preferably democrat lol. I have a wild side but I'm a hopeless romantic at heart... so let's do this. You text me, we will start our relationship and I will fly you out here and we will figure it out. Are you in on this plan?"

Me: "I just figured you were joking. Are you really being serious? I don't know you at all."

Mr. Spontaneous: "I like that phrase "I don't know you" know what? Like little facts like where I am from etc... I guess it's just a philosophical point but right now is the most "me". So whoever I am with currently knows me the best. I know I'm weird. I think of stuff like that all the time. Text me. *Gives me his number*


Mr. Spontaneous: "Hey, I want to solidify this today."

Me: "Solidify what? Our relationship? ha ha"

Mr. Spontaneous: "Yup. And your flight. I want you out here for two weeks, but I'm fine with just a weekend if that is all you can do. I'm ok with long distance as long as you call me to talk about feelings and we figure out fun things to do long distance. Once I'm with someone, I like to have lots of fun with them."

Me: "As fun as this all sounds... I'm going to have to say no."

Okay... so I know this one was my own fault for talking to him as much as I did... but I guess he caught me in a chatty mood and I really never thought he was serious until the end... and then I started to think... who does that? Anyway.... SO random. I wonder if he really is rich?


Lori said...

You have the most random things happen to you Tracy- that is really weird!

Shelly said...

Haha! I love this story!

Lynette Mills said...

did you tell Steve this story? I would love to here what he would say about this guy...

T-Ray said...

I did actually. He said that he had not spoken to him in years. At first he told me I should take him up on his offer... but I think Steve thought he was kidding too... when I told him more about the conversation he was like... oh be careful with that. ha ha. I told him I never considered it... just thought it was weird.

jamie hixon said...

That is so crazy. Do you even remember what he looks like? Yikes.