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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Ever since I finished reading the books, I have been SO excited for the first movie to come out. I feel like I have been waiting and talking about this movie for... forever. 10 months can seem like forever when you are excited about something.

Rachel, Vicki, Tara and I decided that we wanted to go to the midnight showing and bought our ticket's a month before hand. It was selling out fast. We purchased our tickets for the 12:05 showing since 12 was already sold out. Every theater has the movie playing, they just start 5 minutes after each other.

The night finally came. We were so excited. We thought we would be fine showing up at the theater at 10:30, but then we had heard that people started lining up at 7, so we got there at 9:30 instead and the amount of people there waiting was pretty amazing. People were packed waiting in the entry way, out the door... all the way out to the food court in the mall along with lines in every hall way next to every theater. It was crazy. We were toward the back of our theater's line, but we still ended up getting pretty good seats... so we were okay.

 I was counting on games on my phone to keep me entertained while we waited in line, but the Internet connection in the theater was not very good. Lucky the young girls behind us invited us to play Uno with them. We were also entertained by watching everyone else... especially the people who came dressed up. My favorites were the people who dressed up like people from the Capital. Here Vicki is with people who dressed up like Katniss, Peeta and Gale. They happened to be in our theater and the guy dressed as Peeta went to the front of the theater and started doing Hunger Games Trivia. It was fun to watch the whole theater get quiet and listen to his questions and have lots of people throughout the theater shouting out the answers... only at premiers do you see this stuff. ha ha. Tara got a little bit of it on video. A little later the commercials before the previews started and we here the same guy say "Well, I guess this means I can't give my speech". ha ha. This guy had a whole agenda ready for when he got in the theater. Too funny. I love it.

Part of the fun of going to premiers of movies for me is the crowd. The energy is so fun. You are surrounded by people who are just as excited for the movie as you are because they read and loved the books just like you. It is a fun group of people that are all super excited and pumped to be there even though it is super late and everyone has to go to school or work then next day. The previews started. They showed previews for "The Host" which I am actually interested to see because I liked that book. They showed previews for Part 2 of the last Twilight movie... which everyone in the theater booed. I laughed. Except when "Jacob" came on the screen all the girls cheered. They showed a preview for a new Tim Burton film where Johnny Depp is a Vampire. I will see it because I love Tim Burton films.  I forget what the other previews were... I feel like there was one more I was excited about... but anyway, the movie started and everyone cheered. The was a part in the movie where I cried and I could hear other people around me crying. The movie did not disappoint anyone. I felt like it followed the book really well. It was well filmed, it was well casted, it was well acted and I can't think of anything bad to say about it. I loved it and I will own it when it comes out. Such a good movie. Obviously they had to leave things out of the movie because they don't have enough time... therefore it all seemed to go by really fast. But I love it. I was so into the movie I forgot what time it was and I wasn't tired at all.

We were all so glad that we went to the midnight showing. So fun. I don't usually go see movies again in the theater, but I think I might go see this one again. So good. If you have not seen it yet.... you should.... soon.

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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jamie hixon said...

We liked the movie too, and I agree with everything you said, but I wish they would have spent a little more time on Katniss' relationships with Gale and Peeta. Well, not even more time, just better quality time? I really missed that part of the story.