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Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday 57

Today we are flashing back to July 2004. I was home in Santa Barbara for the summer. I believe my sister Lori was the Enrichment leader in the singles ward and we had lots of fun Relief Society activities that summer. One of the activities we did was had a camp out at the Emory's Ranch. Not sure why I don't have any pictures with Lori.... but I had a fun time with Katie and Holly on that camp out. We shared a tent, had tin foil dinners, chatted and sang along with the guitar. Now I am the Enrichment leader.... maybe I should try to put together an activity like this? Maybe just a sleepover at someone's cabin.... I'm not sure, I will have to think about that.


Holly said...

I remember that camp out, it was so fun! And we look so young!

jamie hixon said...

Fun. I don't remember this... but then again I graduated that year and then was teaching full time. SO, I was busy. Looks like a blast, you should totally do that for your ward now.