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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Social Butterfly

I rarely like just sitting at home. If I am going to be sitting... I would rather it be with other people at other places. I have just always been that way. I don't always go to everything that goes on in my ward and stake, but I appreciate that I have options to go to things if I want. We have FHE on Monday, Movie night on Tuesday, Institute on Wednesday, Disney movie night on Sunday, etc.. on top of that people are always having dessert nights, game nights and different types of parties at their house. I like it.

Anyway... here are pictures from one of the many social gatherings.

 Sarah is my Bangs BFF. Seeing her with her cute bangs made me want to have my bangs again. We also used to tutor together.

 Joel being awkward and funny. Tara can't hold back the laughter.

Tara, my number #1. I love not having to go to church things by myself anymore. Plus... she is super funny. We are always laughing. Love her.


Tessa and Adam said...

Wow you look fabulous!!

jamie hixon said...

I need to cute myself up, like you. Man, I didn't even get out of my PJs today.