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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 108

I am so happy that today is over. It has been such a long day. A very long week. I would be looking forward to this weekend to be able to relax and sleep in... but I am not sure that either one of those is going to happen.

I have really wanted to post pictures of my newly decorated room... but there are still things I am trying to figure out. Where to put some things now that the room is different. Wondering if I should get a new picture of the wall. My bed is a lot bigger than I was planning on it being. It is VERY tall and it takes up most of the room. However... I LOVE it. You look in the room and it is so inviting. You just look inside and see how relaxing it looks and you want to curl up on the bed and take a nap. Boy is it a comfy bed too!   I also have a couple of craft projects that I need to do.... hopefully soon I can't post about it.

I have been SO addicted to "Draw Something". Seriously... I think I have at least 10 games going with different people now and I am just drawing in my free time. ha ha. It is so fun though. I seriously love that game. I am not in any hurry to get an iphone, but one thing that I am a little jealous over is that the iphone can take screen shots. I would be taking pictures of some of the drawings that went back and forth if I could do that.

This last weekend... I didn't do anything. Seriously. I think I only left the house once for maybe a half hour at the most. It was the most lazy I have been in a while. And when I say lazy... I was trying to organize my room and I was cleaning and stuff like that. It felt great though. I can't say that I have the desire to do that very often.

I got my new passport in the mail. Have you seen the new ones? They are very pretty. Kind of exciting. I was pretty excited to get a new picture too. My old one? Yuck! However... I got my new one and they didn't send my old one back and I got all kinds of mad. I guess I am too sentimental. I traveled far to get those stamps! I want to keep it! So I wrote them a hate email.... turns out I just needed to be a little more patient. I got my old one back yesterday with the holes punched in it like I was expecting. Glad they don't throw them away. ha ha

I have been enjoying having my bangs back. However, the thing I think I hate the most about having bangs is exercising. If I don't pin them back... they totally stick to my face. Yuck. So I find myself pinning them back a lot. So we will see how long I keep them.

Have you ever had an interview on Skype before? It is kind of weird/ awkward. I also had never used Skype before, so maybe that was part of the problem... I don't know.

Last night... after Institute, my friend Oliver comes over to my house and invites us all over for a dance party at their house. Mind you it is like 10pm on a Wednesday night. Who does that? Oliver and Joel do. I went over there and my friend Jay had been asked to bring his music and DJ. They had the speakers hooked up and pumping down in the basement and a small group of people came over to dance it up in the basement. It was kind of random and awesome. I think I appreciate that type of stuff because like me, I think Oliver and Joel have the Peter Pan Syndrome. :) They are always cracking me up.

Have you tried those designed stickers for your nails? Well... I decided to give them a try and see if they are easy to put on and if they last as long as they say they do. I got the leopard print ones and I put them on while I was in Vegas. They are just now starting to come off. Hello! That is awesome. They last like 10 days. They are also super easy to put on. Best part... they don't chip like nail polish. I believe I will be trying more designs in the near future.


Kristy said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your room. I didn't know you got your bed already. You must have painted too. I'm excited.

Lori said...

Looking forward to room pictures too! I knew a queen would take up your whole room... but hey, it's a BEDroom right. You have your other space to hang out in.
A lot of girls around here do the designer nail thing, i think it looks fun.:)

jamie hixon said...

Good to know about the nails. And I HEAR YOU on Draw Something. I have a slight obsession too.

Um... why were you interviewing on Skype?