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Monday, March 12, 2012

Internet Funnies Take 3

Pinterest and the Fail Blog bring some laughs to my day. Love it. I am starting to pin a lot less food and a lot more funnies. So... since this is my 3rd post of internet funnies...I might as well just keep it going. 

Here are my new recent favorites. 

And of course I always have to have the Harry Potter ones... 

ha ha ha... they all make me laugh everytime.

And my very favorites...


Karen Ella said...

ok, seriously almost laughed out loud in class...MORE THAN ONCE.

jamie hixon said...

Because we are Pinterest buddies I have seen these before... but they are still HILARIOUS. The first time I saw that Dumbledore meme about the time turner I was dying laughing.

Jennica said...

I echo Karen. I may be reading these in law class and I am having a really hard time trying to keep a straight face.