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Friday, March 9, 2012

Flashback Friday 55

Today we go back to May 2002. Star Wars Episode II came out.

For Halloween that year... Shawntel, Aaron and I dressed up as Star Wars characters. I'm almost positive this was Aaron's idea and Shawntel and I just went along with it. Shawntel, Aaron and I did everything together for about 2 years. They lived down the road from me, we went to church functions together, we worked together, we went to school together and even took some classes together at Santa Barbara City College. They were my first college BFF's. Aaron was obsessed with Star Wars... so I am pretty sure the conversation went along the lines of... Hey, what should we dress up as for Halloween? Aaron probably then said something like I'm not dressing up unless it is Star Wars... and Shawntel and I just went with it. I actually don't remember, but I know it wouldn't have been my idea. Since I was going with it... might as well go all out. That is how I roll. I decide I am going to be Queen Amildala. My awesome sister Jamie says she could make the costume.... out of bedsheets. And she did. I rented the head piece. We were a big hit at Halloween. We put our costumes away.

Fast Forward 7 months. Episode II is coming out. Aaron says... hey, let's go to the midnight showing! Me and Shawntel always up for a party agree. Midnight showings in Santa Barbara are kind of a big deal. They only did the midnight showing in one theater. The Arlington. Because there was only one place to go in town to see the midnight showing, people would line up MANY hours before hand. People would dress up. The news would come... and so on. We buy our tickets and think to ourselves... mmm... we already have Star Wars costumes. Why not wear them again? DONE! The day of the showing we started standing in line after we got out of school in the early afternoon. There was already lines forming. We brought a blanket and Star Wars games and a Yoda doll (all Aaron's). We kept each other occupied for hours. My brother and his friends joined us later. They were all dressed up (because we told them they had to if they wanted to join us in line). When they showed up, we left to get dinner and dress up. When we came back... the place was PACKED!! As we walked by the big lines making our way back to our spot, people were taking pictures of us as we walked by. We had several people come up to us and ask us if they could take our picture or if they could pose in a picture with us. I didn't realize I was going to get so much attention from our costumes. I think for the most part it was my costume that people wanted. I was the most decked out of everyone there if I remember correctly. THEN the local news came. They were walking around getting shots of what people were doing to pass the time in line, showing people's costumes. Then they see me. They come up to our group and have us all stand in a line and say what we are dressed up as. Then they pull me aside and ask my about my costume and how long we had been in line... so I got some personal talk time and then they got some candid shots of us waiting in line. When I saw the news clip (which I need to figure out how to get it online) they said "Decked out fans like Tracy Mills..." It is true, I was decked out. The funny part about it is, I am not even that big of a Star Wars Fan. I mean... I like Star Wars and everything, but Aaron was the huge fan. I am pretty sure if I took a Star Wars test, I wouldn't do very well.

Anyway... that was my moment of fame. I felt kind of awesome for a second. Especially when I went to school the next day and some random person in one of my classes that I didn't know said they saw me on the news. Then I was a little bit embarrassed for being such a nerd. And then they went on to point out that I still had some white paint on my face. ha ha. Oh good times.

Our group pic. My Brother in under that Yoda mask. Logan was in town that weekend and was a good sport in this whole event and even dressed up with us. Visiting from Utah and ends up on the Santa Barbara news. :)

These pics were taken by a random photographer that we ran into downtown on our way to this event. They stopped us and asked if they could take our picture.

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jamie hixon said...

If I were going to make you another Queen Amidala costume, I'm pretty sure it would be better than that now! But still, you looked awesome. And how fun. I think I still have Logan's fake braid somewhere in my costume box.