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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Helping Hands

This week has been busy. Tons of things scheduled, not enough time in a day. Today was the Relief Society Birthday. The activity was great. Everything went well as it usually does and there was a great turn out of women from our stake. I was SO happy when it was over though...

Earlier in the week I got a text from one of the sister's in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. She told me we had a meeting on Thursday and asked what time I would be available and that I needed to be there Friday to go shopping with her for food for the activity. I text back, who is this? What meeting? I had no idea what this person was talking about because I had not been involved in the planning for the past month or so and nobody gave me a heads up that they were handing it all over to me. No warning at all. So I felt stupid. Really stupid. I also felt bad because I had an appointment Thursday night that I wasn't sure how long it was going to take and I couldn't shop with her on Friday because I work. All I knew about this activity was when it was and that there was a list that went around asking people with crock pots to help cook. Nothing was told to me, nothing was given to me. I was frustrated, but I am not one that gets stressed. I have been Enrichment leader before and I was the Activities chair for almost a year. I can handle it. I just feel bad putting things on other people last minute because I know how much I love stuff being put on me last minute. Right away I call My good friend Sara who is in the RS presidency to help me out sending out an email seeing if anyone could go shopping for me and to get the crock pot list. Done. Everything was going to be okay. I emailed the 5 girls that signed up to help out and things were good.

Then... I go to the meeting on Thursday night at 9. We start talking about what needs to happen as far as food goes and they said... okay, each of your wards will have 4 people cooking roasts in a crock pot, 3 people cooking beans in a crock pot and 4 people making cakes. Apparently this was the plan all along. Not that I would have known that. Wha....? We have a problem. We need A LOT more people to help make food and I have to find them by TOMORROW!!! Awesome. I'm still not stressed. It will all work out I tell myself. I get home from the meeting at 10:30 and call up Sara again and informed her of the problem. She right away sent out another email to the relief society begging for help and to email or call me if they could help. That night and ALL the next day... I spent communicating with people about helping out with food and trying to organize it. It was a pain, but I tried to keep a good attitude. A girl that I did Hairspray with said she would go shopping for me. She was also nice enough to even attend the meeting with me Thursday night. When I got home from work on Friday she dropped all the food at my house. From 5:30-10 ... 11 different people stopped by my house at different times to come pick up food and receive instructions on how to cook it and somehow I was still able to get ready and attend (for a short while) a birthday party I said I would go to AND a party I promised Vicki I would go to before I knew I would be doing all of this. I was woken up early with questions from different people helping out and last minute had to pick up one of the girls crock pots and finish putting it together and then taking that and a cake that my roommate baked over to the church early before it started... but it all came together. I then got no recognition for what I did. Just the girl that wasn't there and forgot to inform me of everything and the girl that went shopping in my place did. I guess that is not important though...

What IS important is what I thought about all day today. I was SO impressed by the sisters in my ward. They were asking to cook stuff COMPLETELY last minute and I had NO problem finding enough people that were willing to help. They all responded right away to the call for help. No hesitation at all. As each one came to my house to pick up food, I realized I didn't even know a lot of these girls... and I just thanked them for being willing to help and such last minute and told them how bad I felt and that I would never do that but I just had no idea. None of them were upset. All of them came over with a smile on their face willing to help. I don't know if I can say the same thing. I am not sure if I would have jumped to volunteer, especially last minute when I knew I already had plans. Shame on me. I should be more like these girls. Willing to help wherever needed and doing it with a smile on my face. I am so thankful for these girls examples to me this weekend. I am sure they didn't think much about it. I want to strive to be more like that. A happy helpful person. Supporting people in church and in their callings is a big deal and not something everyone thinks about. Sometimes I forget how great people can be because I see so much crap from other people. There is a lot of good out there. Especially in the church. The church is filled with amazing, good people. I was talking to a guy friend in California the other day about  singles in Utah and how they would be portrayed on TV if there was a show for the whole world to see about us here. He thought only bad things could come from that (the world seeing LDS singles on tv) because everyone would think we are even more weird than they already think and so on and so forth. That could be true... but I also think that not everyone is weird. We could show the world that we are normal people who are good people just trying to live a good life. Anyway... that was just a random side note.

Anyway... thank you to everyone that helped me! You saved me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks for your example.


Lori said...

That is so weird that they chose you to be in charge of so much when it wasn't even your calling and you didn't have a clue what was going on! Good job pulling through for the team and coordinating it all! I am always impressed by my RS sisters too and how many people are willing with a smile at a moments notice. As ward compassionate service leader, I have to call on people last minute all the time. Good examples are all around me too :)

jamie hixon said...

Aw, that is really nice. I have totally been there before too. With being in charge of something and not knowing anything about it... and also being the recipient of helping hands. I'm glad you didn't have to freak out, and that you got help.