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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. Clueless

I wish more than anything that these stories would stop. Have you noticed how long the guy story list is getting? SO SAD!!I just wish I could find the right guy for me and make it all stop... but no. They keep coming. Once again... I attract awkward/weird/bad situations. I still don't understand why. I went to vent to my BFF neighbors about this and I left their house saying I needed to blog about it so that I don't cry. ha ha. That was mostly a joke. What else can I do besides laugh about it and then blog about it for entertainment for you and for me? So here we go...

So there is this guy in my ward (Mr. Clueless). I just barely started to get to know him a few weeks ago. I think he is cute and made an effort to get to know him. At first I was always getting mixed signals whether or not he was interested back. He then started to show more interest. We started texting pretty much everyday. We had hung out one on one a couple times watching movies and talking. I wasn't sure what my interest level was yet, but I knew I thought he was funny and we had a lot of similar interests. He was a bit younger than me... but I am caring less and less about that these days. One night we are playing nintendo together.... the old school super nintendo, just for kicks and giggles. We got tired of playing and he stayed, so we started watching tv. He sat very close to me and started to snuggle up, so I went with it. It got later and snuggling turned into kissing and that was that. I actually was not expecting that to happen because he never seemed that forward to me. He always seemed on the quite and shy side. Anyway... he left the next day and was gone for a week. He text me everyday that he was gone... so I figured there was interest on both sides to see where this could maybe go.

My week had been totally crappy. In Mr. Clueless's time away we had talked about when he was coming back in our daily text conversations. In our late night before he left we had talked about homemade pizza and so I mentioned that we could make the pizza and watch a movie. He was down for the plan. Because of my crappy week... I was REALLY looking forward to some one on one time with Mr. Clueless. We had not seen each other in a week and I was interested in spending more time with him to see if this could actually go somewhere. All my roommates are gone and it is just me and Mr. Clueless. He came over around 7 and we made the pizza together. So far so good. We are having a good time. Toward the end of our pizza making Mr. Clueless gets a phone call from his cousin. Apparently his cousin is coming to town for the weekend. I know this because I overhear the conversation, not because Mr. Clueless actually told me. Next thing I know Mr. Clueless is giving him directions to his house. He get's off the phone again and I ask him if his cousin is staying with him. He tells me he assumes that he is because he normally does... but he wasn't sure. At this point I am waiting for Mr. Clueless to tell me of plans that he and his cousin had talked about for tonight so that I knew what to expect. Of course that didn't happen....

Next thing I know Mr. Clueless's cousin (we will call him Mr. Clueless 2) was at my house. I am polite and offer him some pizza we just made. He takes it. In my head I am giving them both the benefit of the doubt... that Mr. Clueless 2 is just stopping in to check in and drop off his stuff and then he is going to hang out with some of his many other friends that he was talking about. I tried to make conversation with Mr. Clueless 2, but he wasn't really interested. His attitude and body language was telling me that he didn't want to be there. Although he was kind of rude, I was feeling the same way. I just kept waiting for him to leave. He then called a friend of his who invited him to a bonfire up the canyon which he sounded like he wanted to go. I was hopeful. Then he gives the phone to Mr. Clueless to get directions because apparently he thinks he is going with him. At this point being completely left out of what was going on that night... I wondered if he was going to go too, so I asked. He said no and told Mr. Clueless 2 that he could go... but that he was just going to chill and watch a movie (with me because that was our plan). Mr. Clueless 2 then says he doesn't feel like going and doesn't know what he wants to do so he just sits on the couch.

For the next HOUR the 3 of us sit on the couch in the living room. It is SUPER awkward. Mr. Clueless would talk to Mr. Clueless 2 and I would be quite or he would talk to me and Mr. Clueless 2 would be quite. Mr. Clueless 2 wasn't going anywhere and things were getting more awkward and I was getting more irritated. SERIOUSLY. THEN I am told by Mr. Clueless that he got a text inviting him to a birthday party for a girl in the ward. When he told me who the girls were... I thought to myself, weird... I am good friends with them (I thought) and I didn't get invited. He suggested going but I didn't want to show up to a party that I wasn't invited to... but it just got too awkward for me and I had to find a way out of the situation. They wanted to start a movie and I said I was going to the girls house (even though I wasn't invited). We stayed over there for a little while, I talked to the girls. Mr. Clueless 2 was acting the same way over at their house as he was at mine. Like he didn't care to talk to or get to know anyone there and acted like he didn't want to be there and wasn't that nice. Classy. So they get up to leave. I can tell that Mr. Clueless is trying to make eye contact with me.

Mr. Clueless: "We are going to go get slurpee's. Anyone want to come?"

Girls: "No, that's okay"

Friend of Girls: *sensing that there was something up probably by the look on my face* "Tracy, are you going to go with them or stay with us?"

*Me looking at Mr. Clueless... I could tell that he wanted me to come*

Me: "I'm going to stay."

Girls: "Yea!" *Even though I wasn't even invited to the party to begin with*.

I ended up not staying there very much longer after Mr. Clueless 1 & 2 left because they put on Princess Diaries and I don't like that movie and I HATE Anne Hathaway. So I said I was going to go get my phone and then I just didn't go back because now I can't really tell if those girls really like me or not or if they are just being fake to me. I thought I had left long enough after Mr. Clueless 1 & 2 left... but apparently not. I saw them on their way out in the car. They slowed down to see if I was going to go with them and I just waved at them.

Later Mr. Clueless text me and tried to make small talk like nothing had happened and I flat out told him that I couldn't handle the awkward night and he said... oh, sorry about that, which I replied... Are you? Cause in my head I am thinking he didn't really do much about the situation.  He text back saying yes, he really was. I didn't text back after that.

After everything was said and done, I ran through the night again in my head. How did this happen? Why does this stuff happen to me? I am sure I could have acted better in the situation. I felt like in the beginning I really tried. I tried to be polite and talk to the cousin. No go. I then tried to leave a few times so that they could see that I was starting to get irritated and give them time to figure out how to solve this situation. No go. Putting the fact aside that I had been really looking forward to spending some one on one time with Mr. Clueless and turned out being REALLY disappointed... this is why I was irritated....

I was irritated at Mr. Clueless because he KNEW we had plans. I do believe that his cousin told him last minute that he was coming and he didn't know what his cousin's plan was, so I think he was put in an awkward position, however, he could have told me he was coming before he showed up and once he was there and came to the realization that he was not going to leave, Mr. Clueless could have pulled me aside in a different room explaining what happened and that he didn't know what to do at this point and ask what I wanted to do about it. I know that he wanted to be with me because when I told him that if he wanted to hang out with his cousin they could leave and it was fine (even though it really wasn't fine I just didn't want to be around his cousin anymore). He should have told his cousin... hey, I made plans with this girl and so it is cool if you stay at my house, but you can either hang out with other friends or go put on a movie... but these are my plans. Instead he gave up snuggling up with a girl to go hang out with his dude cousin. Who does that? Especially after not seeing each other for a week and you were just in Idaho with your cousin and you are going right back to Idaho after the weekend and so is your cousin.

Although Mr. Clueless didn't handle the situation in the best way, I put most of the blame and frustration on his cousin, Mr. Clueless 2. First of all, stop being a jerk... especially after I fed you pizza. Second of all, are you really that clueless or are you just that big of a jerk and don't care? You dropped in on your cousin and he was with a girl.... just the two of them. OBVIOUSLY you are intruding. I doubt if you would want some dude doing that to you with a girl you are potentially interested in. When you realized how awkward you were making the situation and that your cousin wanted to stay with the girl and not go with you... that should have been your big fat hint to leave and find something else to do. Instead you hijack the date and steal your dude cousin so that what.... you could go get slurpees and watch a movie together? I thought you said you had a bunch of friends that are girls in Provo. Wouldn't you rather hang out with one of them? Seriously... how did this happen?

Can you tell I am irritated? Yes... just a little. I went and vented to my BFF neighbors about it and they just couldn't believe any dude would do that.... in either Mr. Clueless 1 & 2's situation. The validation was nice to hear. Not sure what to do at this point. I feel like he is really going to have to make it up to me at this point.  Not cool guys... not cool. Seriously, is this situation ridiculous to anyone else? Or is it just me?


Bre said...

yeah, it's a little weird...but maybe he just felt awkward with the situation too, since his cousin popped in last minute, and although you had plans, they were casual ones.

Not a complete deal breaker in my book. There are worse things a guy could do. But yes, I can see where you are frustrated! (How old is he?)

Lynette Mills said...

sorry that happened Tracy, but give Mr Clueless another chance... it sounds like he was just as uncomfortable as you.

Kristy said...

I agree with mom. Sounds like he still wanted to be with you and just didn't know what to do. Sometimes that stuff happens.

Logan said...

Agreed. The cousin sounds like the biggest offender here. I think Clueless guy was probably feeling just as frustrated/awkward. I'd go easy on him. Sure, he should have communicated about it better with you, but he was probably praying his cousin would leave to be with his friends and the situation would resolve itself.

jamie hixon said...

Thanks. I'm going to write that into a movie.
No, seriously, people need to learn how to communicate. I would estimate that at least 80% of the population are horrible at communicating with other people.

Darrell said...

But seriously, how does this happen?