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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girls Night Outback

When I am having a bad day.... like today, where I want to (or do) cry... I like to look at this picture. It makes me feel better. Ashley and I will text each other on these days and say "Meet you Outback". ha ha. Good times.

*Just because I know some people are going to judge this... all the show is... is these hot Australian men dancing on stage with their shirts off. It's nothing you won't see at the beach... well, maybe you wouldn't see the dancing at the beach, but it was a spontaneous last minute thing we decided to do to be funny*


flux biota. said...

sign me up! I wanna see a bunch of shirtless Australians dancing!

hope you're feeling better!

KJ said...

Tracy I'm moving to San Diego and the next time you have a GNO in Las Vegas I want an invite! I've always wanted to go to this show.