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Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday 81

So the other night, I got a call from my good friend Rob. Rob moved to the east coast a little over a year ago and he has called a couple of times. I really have missed him though. Oh... but the reason why Rob called me the other night was to tell me that he was going to come visit! In November he wants to get the old group of friends together for dinner. I told him I would of course help in anyway I can and was so glad he called me. So excited to get to see him.... so I thought I would do a flashback with Rob.

This goes back to 2006 when I first moved into the ward. I was just getting to know Rob and Ben who I also still keep in touch with. We went bowling for a ward activity. I'm not the greatest bowler in the world.... but we had so much fun. I'm not sure why Monica brought one of her wigs or why I brought my bright colored toe socks.... but we did.

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