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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rockin Roommates

As many people know, one of the unpleasant parts of my job is quarter end. Things get stressful for me at work because the workload increases... a lot. Not only that but people become very demanding and everyone wants their work taken care of right now and there is only so much I can take before I start to get irritated. I shut myself in my office and my music gets louder. This is how I cope. Along with this, there are nights that we have to stay late. Only the last Friday is the one day we have to stay REALLY late. It is not fun. We usually take turns taking the late night. I did it last quarter end, so I didn't think that I would be doing it again this time, however my co-worker made me switch with her (not even asking if it was okay with me or if I had any plans) because she had tickets to the BYU football game that night. So I was stuck... late night quarter end... again.

I obviously wasn't excited for this. Sure you get lots of free food, but you sit in your office for 8 hours with a lot of work to do, and then you sit in your office for an extra 6 or 7 hours with NOTHING to do. That is right... they have you there whether there is work to do or not... just in case something comes in.  It is torture for me to just sit there not knowing when I will be able to go home.

I was venting about this too my roommates, mostly because I wasn't aware until the week before that I was going to be staying late again. Usually I just need to vent and then I'm good, I will get over it. My roommates were nice and let me vent and agreed that it wasn't fair and that was all I needed. Megan was going to be coming back from a business trip that night and told me that she would visit me and bring me ice cream if I wanted. I told her she didn't have to, but of course I would love visitors.... I'm always SO bored.

That night around dinner time, I got a text message from my roommate Sarah (who had a date that night) asked me if I wanted her to drop off some dinner for me. So sweet of her to think of me! I told her thanks but they feed us. We got Goodwood (which I love) and it was so good. I didn't hear back from her. Megan got back from her trip, asked me if I was still at work and asked me what kind of ice cream I wanted. By the time Megan was almost there, I got another text from Sarah asking me if I wanted a visitor (she didn't know Megan was coming). I told her sure if she wanted to come by.

Megan, Sarah & Rich (Rich was a surprise) all got to Novell at the same time. I went out to greet them and let them into the building and gave them each a big hug. I had to call security so they could all sign in and get badges and then we all went up to my floor and Megan and I ate ice cream and we chatted and I showed them around the building and my office and it was fun.

I am writing about this because it totally made my night. It meant a lot to me that they would all do this for me. Here I was, stuck at work on a Friday night... not excited about it and I have had to do that so many times in my 3 years working at Novell and most people just say, that sucks and do their own thing. Here Megan was coming back from a business trip... where if it were me, I would want nothing more than to go home and take a shower and go to bed, but instead she thought of me, she picked up ice cream and went to my work instead of home. Sarah had a date that night. When it was over she was watching football with Rich and they thought of me... stuck at work and thought I could use some visitors at 10:30pm. So they came by and they all hung out with me and had fun until I was told I could go home at 11pm.

It was thoughtful and selfless and it meant the world to me. These are the type of people my roommates are (Rich is our adopted roommate) and I am so thankful that they are my roommates.


Lori said...

Glad you have such wonderful roommates Tracy and that you made it through your long night at Novell :) Love you

jamie hixon said...

What great friends! I'm glad you had some company so you didn't go completely insane. ;)

Meg said...

It was fun! I'm glad we got to see your work...and meet Ron. ;)